Thursday, September 15, 2011

Did you say something Kitty?

This morning as I shuffled out of bed to say goodbye to Paul as he left for work, I noticed that Evil Kitty was staring at a closed door.  I figured she was doing that “I know that there’s something behind this door so I’ll just keep swishing my paw under it and I’ll get it” thing that cats often do. 
I finished up barn chores, put the milk into the freezer to cool, made myself a pot of tea and sat down to catch up on my blog reading.  Usually by this time, Evil Kitty and Susan are begging me to let them outside (meow, meow, meow, meow, will you get off the computer and let us OUT you sloth of a woman!).  I heard some rustling downstairs so I went to see if Rhiannon was waking up.  Sleepy daughter was still out cold (with her butt in the air….how do they sleep like that??) and I once again passed Evil Kitty staring at the closed door. 
Stupid cat.

Go back upstairs to finish my tea and zone out at the computer when I catch a faint and muffled “Mauwwww……mauw….”  Sounds like Susan.  Hmmm….I haven’t seen her at all this morning, and now that I think about it, she wasn’t in bed with us last night either.
So back downstairs I go, calling the MIA kitty’s name.  The muffled meowing is coming from the closed door.  Which Evil Kitty is still staring at.  I open the door and out runs Susan.  Making a bee-line to the cat box.  I swear I heard her go “Ahhhhhhhhhh!” while scratching in the litter.
And I know exactly what Evil Kitty was thinking:
Stupid human.


  1. I totally laughed when I read this story. Reminds me of when hubby closed our Punkin in between the glass/screen door and the wooden door. I know she was thinking the exact same thing... Stupid Humans

  2. Similar to when my hubby doesn't raise the "doggy" door panel in the am. He'll ask Shadow, the cat, why she's sitting by the glass door and she just looks over her shoulder and stares at him... Cats are so disdainful of us.

  3. Nice to meet ya Carolyn, us crazies gotta stick together huh!!! I wish my terrier would let me have a cat, but she does all the mousing better'n any cat I've ever had...sooo...I'll be back tonight to catch up on what's happinin' in yer neck o the woods!!!


  4. That's hilarious. At our house the cat blames things like that on the dogs-it's nice to have a scapegoat!

  5. I LOVE that you named your cat Susan! I often totally miss the nuances that are lobbed at me by the Boyz. It's usually because Kramer has snuck past me into the laundry room and is shut in. Cookie will stare at the door. For hours. Until Kramer finally figures I won't come without urging. At least Susan waited for the litter box!

  6. We shut one of the cats in the gun safe overnight one time! He was actually still asleep when we opened the door the next morning looking for him! LOL!!

  7. I bet you won't ignore her the next time she is doing something strange.

    If they could just talk, wait she was talking to you wasn't she.

  8. Tiny, Ruth, Susan & Candy....guess we're ALL stupid humans, hugh? :)

    Susan, I figured you'd be partial to the name. I named her Susan because when we found her, I was reading Little Home on the Prairie and they had a cat named Black Susan.

    Sharon, but does a dog think you're a totally, completely, honest-to-goodness pee-on like a cat does? I love my cats (more than my dogs, but don't tell them that), but I honestly think they believe we are here for their sole amusement (and for scooping cat crap).

    gld, What? Did you say something?? :)