Saturday, September 17, 2011

Rain, glorious rain!

We finally got rain.  A full three hours of it and it looks like we’re only half out of the system!  I wonder if it will do my Fall garden plantings any good.  Some of the peas I planted in the middle of August were scorched from the 100+ degree temps but I’m hoping that they’ll pull through and continue growing long enough to produce some sort of pea harvest. 

My sun-baked peas.

The lettuce & spinach never sprouted, I’m guessing because of the heat.  My bush beans are being gnawed to sticks one (or three or four) at a time from that frekking rabbit.  The bush beans I planted the first week of July are finally starting to produce some beans, except they are tough and stringy!!  Probably because of – yep – the horribly hot summer.  I gathered a handful of them just yesterday for a snack and I chewed them until I couldn’t stand it anymore & did a “pfffftttttthhhhh” thing, sending a spray of chewed up green beans across the goat yard.  The chickens obviously didn’t think they were too tough.
The spring planted zucchini have been pulled up for a while now, but the fall planting seems to be doing well.   Spring planted cucumbers are done & gone.  The fall cucumbers aren’t doing great though; still pretty small and not much growth in the past few weeks.  Wonder if it’s been too cool for them lately.
We did plant some more tomatoes later in the season (75% off at the local nursery, how could I NOT buy them??), and there are actually little green tomatoes on them!  So we may actually get some ‘maters this year.  Not enough to can, but enough for a few BLT’s.
Now if we can just get a hog in the freezer so we can actually put some bacon in those BLT’s.


  1. That's great that you got some rain! We don't grow a fall garden--we are likely to be under snow in a month. Hope you can get a freezer hog! We ordered one. Maybe next year we can raise a pig of our own. I envy your tomatoes!

  2. Rain IS a good thing! Hope the garden perks up for you and you can get that wascally wabbit!

  3. We got rain too and some very nice cool weather. Waiting on colder weather to put our 2 pigs in the freezer. Our tomatoes are all played out. Next year I hope to have more so I can make more sauces and soups. Have a blessed weekend!

  4. Rain, oh lovely rain... I so love rain (as long as it doesn't rain ALL the time!)

  5. Mooberry, SNOW? In a month? I know I complained about the heat this summer, but there is no way I'd be ready for snow next month!

    Candy, I've been having evil thoughts every time I go out there and find another bean bush catching the bastard by the legs and bashing his head against a rock. Yes. I'm evil.

    Peggy, that's one thing I like about cooler weather; hunting & butchering to fill the freezer! Seems like we'll be eating more meat than veggies this year.

    Linda, there's nothing more wonderful than a thunderstorm! Well, unless it topples a tree on your house, but other than that......

  6. Your garden may be able to produce...depending on when you get your first frost. You do get frost down there don't you?

  7. gld,

    Yes, unfortunately, we do get frost...and ice...and snow (though not too much). The only thing I like the cold temps for are killing those darned ticks & chiggers!

    USDA says first frost as early as Sept. 30th. I've been a bad garden-logger and I've yet to write down when our actual frost date is. Have to remind myself to do that this year.