Monday, November 21, 2011


Today is A-Day.  You know, when we (those wacked enough to take up Susan's challenge) were supposed to unveil our homemade aprons from the dreaded Great Apron Sew-Off.

And I finished it last night!  Well, not 100% finished, but darned close enough.  There were supposed to be buttons sewed onto the back, but the hell if I knew how to make a button hole (yes, I KNOW there is a doo-dad for that!) and I figured grasping the idea of ruffle-making was all my gelatinous mass of grey matter could absorb for the month.
So here it is:
Daddy, why is Mommy crying??
Actually, that's one I whipped up for Rhiannon. During a screaming fit moment of hopelessness while trying to figure out how to make Ruffles, I put my apron stuff away and picked up some scraps and decided to make Rhiannon her own apron. I needed to accomplish something other than swearing so I figured I'd whip out a small apron and at least have some feeling of accomplishment.  Do I get extra credit for making two aprons??
I finished my apron just before 4 o'clock yesterday evening and tried it on.  And I wanted to die.
Don't get me wrong.  I am painfully aware that I'm thirty pounds overweight.  Mama Pea's Apron makes her look skinny, but obviously mine has the opposite effect.  Not only does the camera add ten pounds to your image, my apron must add an additional fifteen because when I saw the look Paul gave me as I put it on, I knew it had to be, well, unflattering.
So I looked in the mirror.  Horrified at the shapeless form staring back at me.  Well, not really horrified, but a little saddened.   But since you were all going to post pictures of yourselves in your apron (you HAVE, haven't you?!?!), I figured I may as well post mine. 
Besides, if I had any stalkers following my blog, this should cause them to run for the hills and pack salt in their eyelids in an attempt to remove the image of me from their retinas.
So here it really is:

The apron that I was going to serve Thanksgiving dinner in.  If I didn't spend so much stinking time on it, I would give it to the dogs to sleep on.  Well, maybe.
I guess I shouldn't complain too much.  I did get some hands-on sewing experience that I desperately needed.  But I still wasn't too happy with the bib coverage; I thought it should have covered more.  But then again, the model in the "Easy Sewing" pattern picture didn't have as much mid-section real estate to cover as I do.
I am going to make another apron because I really do need one that covers more of the top half.   But one that doesn't require ruffles.  Or buttons.  Or slip stitching.  Or interfacing.  Or basting.....
I will never again complain about the price of homemade aprons again. 
Looking forward to seeing everyone in THEIR apron!! Hint-hint!


  1. OK, I think your apron is so stinking cute! And I think you're pretty snazzy yourself. :) Its nice to have a face to put with the blog of the person who makes me spit coffee on my computer screen every morning!

  2. I had to laugh, not because of how you look but I just had a sewing project that I quietly folded and put away in a draw; hopefully to never see the light of day again.

    Next just make a chef-style apron and you can tie up the neck to make the bib as high as you want. I put a pocket all the way across the bottom. I just lay the apron on the material to make the next real pattern involved. I started with a store-bought apron. Or....just put on one of Paul's old worn out shirts and you are covered for cooking.

  3. Fabulous job! I think you look fantastic in your aprons.

    Like MamaTea, I was hoping to have a "face" to put with your blog. :) So good to see you.

    And, as always, your daughter is adorable.

  4. Oh, I think it's great. I can see why you were frustrated with ruffles. I was frustrated with just the little ruffle on mine. And the little one for your daughter is adorable.

  5. I would never have been so brave to try all those ruffles! Kudos to you! Love putting a face with the blog! but....was that a rule?? I totally missed that one. Maybe at next years aprom challenge???

  6. You think you look at me? I am so much heavier than you, but when I put on my apron, my husband is all over me. Nothing like a potential meal to get a man going. Your aprons are adorable!

  7. (Laughing...again!) You are SO funny. There's a reason why I don't do prints, ruffles, elastic waistbands...the list is endless. I have "zero" style. I hear ya, Sister!

  8. I think you definitely should get extra credit for 2 aprons. Very cute!

  9. That's nice!! Maybe you can shorten the neck hanging part by cutting about 3 inches out and re-sewing it together?? If you really were thinking of never wearing it, then you can experiment on how to make the bib cover more. The ruffles look really good!!

  10. I don't think you're giving yourself nearly enough credit. I can tell the pattern you chose was one honkin' big piece of work! And your picture doesn't do it justice. You are bending over trying to snag a fast moving little munchkin, for heaven's sake.

    I agree with everyone else . . . it's so nice to have a face to put with each others' writing. I'm not hitting on you or anything (honest), but you have what I would call an exotic beauty!

  11. Ditto everythig Mama Pea said. I was thinking it all, especially the exotic beauty part. You are gorgeous, darling! And, that looks like it was a very hard pattern. I love how you made a matching apron for Rhiannon.

  12. I think you get extra credit not only for making two, but for the ruffles and the print work, too! I think the top part that goes around your neck might be too big/long, so if you really wanted to, I bet you could cut a few inches out of that and that would bring the neck line up. I love the pattern and I think you did a great job.

    Rhiannon is as cute as ever and her Momma has a to DIE FOR complexion.

  13. I LOVE your apron and, yes, LOTS of extra credit for making two! I agree with everyone else, it is fun to be able to put faces with bloggers! :) Try the suggestions about making the neck thingy shorter to bring the bib up, I had to do that with mine.

  14. This makes me laugh, but only because of your commentary on the project! LOL, you did ruffles, you are amazing I'm afraid of them! It does look a little like a Pioneer Day apron, I think it's perfect for Thanksgiving! Love the little matching apron too :) How have I not been on your blog? I'm correcting that problem now, Happy Thanksgiving!

  15. Mama Tea, glad I can make you spew coffee out of your nose! Just be + laptop = possible electrocution.

    gld, you know I'm going to go crazy trying to figure out what could possibly be as unlfattering as my apron....gonn'a share it with us? :)

    Mooberry, Thanks! Although even without the apron, it wasn't a very good picture. I really need to smile for pictures. Maybe one day.

    fullfreezer, you could probably hear the cussing during ruffle-making at your place. Lots and lots of cussing.

    dr momi, no, no rules for picture taking, but I figured what the heak. And I have to admit it is nice to put a face to the blogger.

    Donna, clothing (or lack of) doesn't really do it for my DH. Just me cooking something is enough!

    tami, style? What's that? I'm lucky if I have an iron on decal on my sweatshirts!

    Hoosiergirl, Thanks! I think I'll make myself one like Rhiannon's....bigger of course!

    Jordan, I think it should be easy to make the bib go "up", the shoulder straps weren't actually attached to anything when I had the picture taken, so technically, it is hanging a bit low. That still doesn't help my "muffin top" area though. More fabric!

    Mama Pea, yeah, I know I should give myself more credit...but bitching about it is sooooo much fun!
    Exotic beauty?? Like Sea Cucumber exotic? Or Marine Iguana exotic? You guys must be looking at a different picture that I am.

    Patty, I guess I should have picked an easier pattern. Sometimes I'm a glutton for punishment (and cream puffs).

    Tina, Thanks! To die for complexion? You guys ARE nuts. I'm almost forty years old and I'm still getting pimples! I'll be fighting acne AND Liver spots at the same time!

    Candy, Thanks! And I definately will try shortening the sleeve thingies before I toss it to the dogs.

    Erin, I was kind'a going for the "Pioneer" look, just one a bit more flattering :)

    And thank you ALL for such encouraging (if not a little wacky) comments!

    And curse, I mean, Thank You Susan for this fun challenge!

  16. Now I left a comment here yesterday and its gone? Anyway, love the aprons! Not only did you go the extra mile with making TWO, but you made a very labor intense pattern. I love the length of yours and very nice fabric!!