Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Just a little "Bit" busy

My schedule has been pretty busy lately. 
"How can you be busy?  You’re a Stay-at-Home-Mom.  Don’t you just sit around watching SpongeBob and eat Bagel Bites with Rhiannon?"

(If you could only hear the eyes rolling in my head). 
Although I do have to admit I have it better than many people.  Now a days there aren’t a lot of families able (or willing?) to make it work with just the Dad bringing home a paycheck while the Mom stays at home with the kid(s).  So please don’t think that I’m ungrateful.  But then again, don’t you dare assume that I’m eating bon-bons (or blogging...hehe!) all day.
As usual, I regress……
Besides canning like a million quarts of chicken stock, packaging & freezing chicken for quick meals, canning up venison (thanks Liz!), making two (or was it three?) batches of soft goat cheese (one has enough garlic to kill a vampire with a sniff), baking several loaves of bread, taking Rhiannon to a birthday party and homeschooling group at the library, training night at the Fire Department and everything else that normally happens (you know, cooking, cleaning, barn chores), I’ve been neglecting my blogging (along with the vacuuming) lately.  It may not seem like it, but I have.
(And how many sets of parenthesis can I possibly use in one post????)
I thought Autumn was a winding-down time, but I seem to be as busy as ever.
Normally I have about a half-dozen blog posts in the works and I’ll use them for “fillers” (yes, dear readers, I’m giving you fillers!) when I’ve got a lot going on during the week and can just add a thing here or there to make it more personal, but lately I’ve run out of even those types of posts. 
I blame it all on Susan's Apron-Sew-Off, by the way.
But I do have a good post coming shortly (and maybe even informative to some of my readers), and it all revolves around this:
Bridle, Bit, Chinstrap and Reigns.
Get it? Little "Bit" Busy?  Right? 
So stay tuned my fellow bloggers, I shall return!


  1. haha, omg... When I first saw the pic of your bridle, it was very little, and I thought, what the heck is that?! is some sort of S&M post??? hahaha, I almost peed myself laughing so hard! I am so dumb sometimes! I applaud you for making it work with one income... I only dream of those days (someday it will happen.) And yeah, those people that think stay at home moms actually stay at home and eat bon bons can just, well, go to hades... No one works harder than a mom!

  2. You just tell them you don't have TIME for an outside job!
    Can't wait to see "the rest of the story" on the headstall!

  3. I just love your post! It's good to see someone elses mind works like mine. lol

  4. I echo your sentiments on all points about stay-at-home moms whether she has kids still at home or not!

    Now you've piqued our interest on what's to come! Sounds very interesting.

  5. I know where you're coming from! If I worked a full time job, we wouldn't eat nearly as well as we do now. Probably a sad commentary on our economy, but there it is.

    Please pass the bagel bites. :)

  6. One day, I'll turn part of Hubby's garage into a grooming room. Then I could work from home a little here and there. I have dreams of a dairy cow raising little beef steers, a few goats, making butter, cheese. I want to be too busy to have an outside job.

  7. I just came over from admiring Mama Pea's apron. I almost wish I'd participated! But then I came to my senses. Think anyone will dare suggest another apron sew-off next year, LOL.

    I could so relate to what you say about being a SAHM and how people think that because you don't have a "job," you must have all kinds of spare time on your hands. Homemaking, homesteading, and homeschooling are full time jobs in themselves. Put them all together and you have one busy (but fulfilling) life!

  8. LOL---I don't think there's anything restful about this time of year for most of us. I'm running around like a chicken with it's...well...YOU know.

    I canned a bunch of vegetable stock recently and need to do some chicken too, but I'm tired of canning (for a minute). I'm having 30+ [people for Thanksgiving and am trying to clean things up around here. I sit (for a minute).

    And no, you cannot ever use too many parentheses in one post. (I don't think) Nor ellipses... LOL

    Have a good Sunday, girl.

  9. I think it's great you stay at home. One of the best decisions a family can make is to have someone stay and raise the kids full time. It is so important, especially when they are young. We made a lot of changes and sacrifices in our life so that my wife could stay home after our son was born. I just can't imagine letting someone else (aka daycare) raise our child. I would have done just about anything in my power (jobs, downsize, whatever) so that she could stay with him.
    Good for you!!