Sunday, November 13, 2011

Respect the RUFFLES!!

More sewing done this weekend.  Gathered all my sewing materials and "instructions" (ha) together, put my shiny-new sewing machine in the trunk, strapped Rhiannon into her carseat and off I went to Mom's house for some more sewing lessons.  Specifically, how to "Gather the Ruffle".

Now come on, if you were the one making instructions for an "Easy" pattern, don't you think that you should include something more than just this:

Oh. Ok. I'll just "GATHER upper edge of ruffle."
And what the hell is that string in the middle???
Throw me a bone here!  Would it have cost that much more in ink for you to print the words "Sew a very loose stitch down the raw edge, then to gather, pull on ONE thread & work the gathered material towards center of work".

Anyhow, Mom in her infinate sewing wisdom, showed me the Magic of the Gathering (isn't that the name of a video game or SciFi book???) and I ruffled up the skirt and the shoulder straps:
Ruffles are there.  Trust me.
There is still a lot to do, and unfortunately I'm at a "Instructions Impasse" so will have to wait until Mom comes over.

In the meantime, how are YOUR aprons going?  Hopefully Mama Tea has had a glass or two and RE-started her Apron Attempt.

Oh, gld wanted to know what kind of machine I had:
Kenmore, purchased about eight years ago.
All this power at my fingertips, and I have yet to read the
instruction booklet that came with it. 
Not only does the machine have a 1,2,3,4 printed it to show you
how the thread goes, but there's even instructions on how to
thread the bobbin!  I LOVE no-brainer instructions!


  1. I love your fabric choice! Can't wait to see the finished apron. :)

  2. Ooo, ruffles. I haven't gotten to the ruffle part of mine yet....
    Love the fabric!

  3. Mine has zero ruffles, but I so agree. "Easy" is a very relative term. :) Best wishes!

  4. Oh my, I think I'm going to be embarrassed to show my apron. I finally got started on it this weekend (in a couple of short little bursts, stops and starts in between lots of other things going on) but I have nary a ruffle in sight. Mine is a very straight, cover-up. Sorta like the plastic thingies kindergarteners wear for painting! Glad you've got your mom nearby for helps over the stumbling blocks. Although I consider myself kind of "advanced" in the sewing department, I agree 100% that some (most?) patterns as TERRIBLE in their instructions.

  5. Thanks for the machine id. My old machine circa 1960 is a Kenmore!

    I am not a ruffly kind of I wouldn't be making that one...

  6. I think it looks great! Love your fabric choice and the ruffles look wonderful! Mom to the rescue!!!

  7. That is one beeeutiful apron! You will show us all up!

  8. Glad you got training in the fine art of ruffle making! I hate pulling up a basting stitch to make ruffles and usually just pin, pin, pin! ;-)
    Mine is cut out, that's progress right?!?

  9. Moo, it was a toss-up between a bright green w/paisley or this one. But since it was for Thanksgiving I though this pattern was more fitting.

    fullfreezer, Embrace the ruffles! :)

    Patty, they need an "Iddiot" brand of sewing patterns. I'd be one for their most frequent customers.

    Mama Pea, Ruffles are highly over-rated! And there is nothing wrong with those kindergarden looking aprons (as that was the first kind I made).

    APG, Moms are AWESOME! Especially those that can sew.

    Susan, thanks, but don't jinx me!!

    Candy, I'm a pinner too; once I got a stitch in there, it ain't leaving!