Saturday, September 8, 2012

Krazo Acres Home for Wayward Pets

I like animals.  Probably too much, as Paul would readily attest to.

I like having a dog outside to alert us to any intruders (two or four-footed).  Unfortunately, Moonshine is at the point in her life that she is not only too rotund to get up and even fake-chase something, but even becoming rather complacent when it comes to other animals or people in the yard.  

Two weeks ago, we had a canine visitor.  I usually "Shoo" away dogs as best I can, throwing rocks or even plinking them with the pellet gun if it warrants a more drastic intervention.  But this guy just wouldn't go.  And he was darned friendly.  So after realizing he was more than happy to stay, I gave in and threw him a dog bone.  I penned him up for a day and posted a picture of him in the local online petfinder and online paper.  No one fessed up to being his owner, but I did get a response that someone did in fact, know this dog.  And it's home base was several miles from here.  Apparently it's "somebody's" dog that just wanders around and apparently started wandering into new territory.  Meaning our front porch.

After keeping him penned up for the day, Paul and I walked with him around the yard.  He didn't seem interested in the chickens or goats.  Didn't give a lick about the cats.  If he did, it would mean an immediate trip to the pound.  He also seemed to be good with Rhiannon, although we didn't leave them in close proximity to each other without one of us being right there.  So that night I gave him a bowl of food next to Moonshine's.  No growling, no snapping.  Just happy to eat.  Moonshine even seems to get along with him.  Everyone went to bed and I expected to find him gone in the morning.  

Except that he had made himself quite comfortable on the doormat on the front porch.  For four days.  We were becoming quite smitten with the bugger.  He barked when someone pulled up the driveway (but didn't charge) or if there were deer in the yard.  And other than having a few annoying habits like jumping and not knowing how to properly take a treat from your hand (he slobbers and grabs your entire hand, gently, but still not acceptable), he was a pretty good dog.  Rhiannon had even named him "Wallace".  And I had started thinking that we'd have to take him in to the vet to get him fixed and have shots given.  Man, that drives me nuts.  There are so many irresponsible pet owners around here that just get animals, let them wander, don't care for them and don't get them fixed.  

But on the fifth day, he was gone.  I called for him on and off during the day, but I honestly wasn't going to make a big deal about trying to find him.  I figured he was just passing by.

This morning I opened the front door and saw this:

I debated going through whole "Shooing" routine.  I debated having Paul run him off.  But in the end I just gave him a dog biscuit.  I'm a sucker.

I don't know what we're going to do with him now.  Part of me wants to keep him as he seems like a very nice dog.  And we do need a "real" dog (sorry Moonshine) on the homestead.  But it's obvious that he's more than comfortable wandering the county and I do not want to be the owner of a wandering dog.  I've also been debating taking him to the vet to get neutered because it's the right thing to do, but should we have to shoulder the financial responsibility of fixing and vaccinating someone else's animal, especially if he'll just leave us in a week?  That's a $200 expenditure right there and we're not exactly poop'n out greenbacks.

So I'll be mulling over Wallace's fate here for a while.  Got to go now.  I think he wants a biscuit.


  1. Boy, that's tough. He seems to be "perfect" but he also seems to be "a traveling man" so to speak. That's more trouble than what it's worth (IMHO)

    There was a dog here 2 winters ago that we decided to help out. He stuck around for a few days then climbed the fence and was gone. Turns out he mooched up with another family but his story ended there. They emailed us to ask if we wanted to keep him otherwise they were taking him to the pound (no kill). We declined as we have 3 dogs already and I wasn't in the mood to chase after a dog that wouldn't stay put. Too bad.

    1. Until we got the Pyrenees all of our dogs had been set out and we just kept them. We had one that would go all over the neighborhood and even to one miles away. Once we had him fixed he gave it up. Guess he knew when he smelled a female in heat a mile away he couldn't do anything about it. It could be he is just a traveling gigolo. LOL

  2. I would give him a long trial run before spending money at the vets office. But then the trip to the vet may be just what he needs to stop the wandering. Give it a month and see what happens, looks like a sweet dog.

  3. We had a similar experience with a young (probably around 6-months) golden Lab mix. We finally gave in and started feeding him, then letting him into the house, then learning to sleep with him on the bed between us. We had him neutered, and were the recipients of his love and total devotion for the next 12 years before he had to be euthanized after a second bout of colon cancer. It was really tough on us, losing our best friend.

    I guess, if it were me, I'd have him neutered and take the gamble that he'll stick around. If he still wanders, at least you know he's not out romancing and creating more animals that won't be cared for. I can think of worse ways to lose $200.

  4. How cute, and getting him fixed might end the yearning to travel maybe?

  5. Annie's Granny made the very good point that having him neutered would be a donation toward seeing that there aren't a lot of uncared for (or abused) offspring of his running around the countryside. And it might curb his wanderlust, too. It's just a chance you'd have to take IF you make the decision to offer him a permanent place in your family circle. I think the fact that he came back to you after his 4-day jaunt means something. (Mostly that he's a very smart dog!)

  6. He's an adorable dog, I'm an animal lover too.
    I would be afraid to put money into him if he we're to take off and never come back again. Good luck1

  7. I'm no dog expert, but it's certainly true for cats that neutering them generally curbs much of the wanderlust.

  8. It's well-known that I am a complete sucker when it comes to anything with fur or feathers (but not scales). So keep this in mind...I agree with Annie's Granny & Mama Pea. I have spayed and neutered countless cats (some stayed, so didn't) and dogs (ditto). But I count it as something good I can do if I can afford it. There are too many puppies and kittens that end up unwanted and abused. I HATE animal suffering. Besides, with a name like Wallace and a face like that, how can you resist? (I can almost hear Paul fuming in the corner...)

  9. Aw. That's a toughie. I would give him an extended trial run to see if he does more staying or going before spending a ton of money on him...but then again, if he's an intact male, wandering is what they tend to do, so maybe neutering him would fix the wandering? Hmmmm. He's a cutie!

  10. Boy, that is a tough decision. I would be inclined to get him "fixed" as a public service and see if that doesn't temper his wanderlust. Like Annie's Granny said, there are worse ways to spend $200. He looks like a great dog! :)

  11. I would have carted him off days ago and he'd be neutered and mine already LOL! Dogs with great personalities are hard to come by in this day and age where people will breed their animals with dogs with less than desirable traits. Neutering will help the wandering, do you have a low cost spay/neuter program in your county? Something like a mobile SPCA surgery "wagon" that visits certain areas on certain days of the month can bring your neuter cost down to 20-30 dollars total. Some SPCA's also have a vet clinic that will charge you on a sliding fee scale that is income based. When I worked at the vet's I got a great discount of course so I was known for snatching up stray cats and hauling them in with me only to turn them out again but at least neutered, cats watch out LOL!