Sunday, September 16, 2012

Negative Poverty

Not as in the opposite of poverty.  And not like wealthy either.  But as in below poverty.

Apparently that is what our "leader" and Republican Presidential nominee considers our family's level of income.  I know, I know.  I should have never clicked on that "news" link on my email page.  But I was weak being without the internet for a whole five days (eye rolling) and I read the article.  Well, some of it anyhow.  I couldn't finish it.  And then I remembered why I don't read the news anymore.

But honestly?  One is generally considered middle-class if one's family income is $250 thousand dollars a year?  Really?  What the hell are people doing with that amount of money each year?

This little irrelevant piece of newsgarbage made my head spin in so many directions.  I had always thought that our family was one of those "Middle-Class" people when my sister and I were growing up.  We had a house in the suburbs.  We got to go to restaurants.  We went to a private school until high school.  We always had presents under the Christmas tree, birthday parties with all our friends, even went to Disney World.  We had a VCR (with a "remote" connected to the contraption with a wire....remember that???), a microwave (as big as a conventional oven!) and eventually had window A/C units in our bedrooms!  But now that I think about it - and it's too bad that I had to - I guess we really weren't so Middle-Class after all.

Because now, most of those things are almost considered a "right" or something that one is entitled to.  Even the "poorest of the poor" have these things.  And what makes things even worse, is that there are people who think that those luxuries should be given to them for "free".  There are government programs providing (at taxpayer expense, as all are dependent on tax money) "free" cell phones, food, clothing, utility payments, health care, even air conditioners.  But I digress.  Must.  Stop.  Welfare.  Rant.

Anyhow.  I was actually a bit depressed after reading above mentioned news (cough) article.  I suddenly felt that our family was poor.  That we were somehow inadequate.  That we were now unable to take care of our family because some dipshit just told me that I'm more than ten times poorer than the lowest middle-class family.

But after a while, I started getting angry (imagine that).  First of all, WTF does a holier-than-thou, lying-bastard-politician know about being Middle Class anyhow?  And if he really believes that a quarter-million dollar yearly salary is middle class, he really, really has no frekking idea what it is to be living on a tenth of that.  And how many millions of people do that for their entire lives, some even with much less that that?

These are the people that we want to represent our Country?  People so out of touch with the masses that I bet they've never written a check for their utility bill.  Or bought a bag of pinto beans.  Or even glanced at the prices at the gas pump (except to use in some ignorant political speech) as their chauffeur already filled up the limo before picking them up for their next $10K-a-plate dinner.

Another thing that makes me fume (imagine that, again) is that people actually believe them when they talk.  About anything.  How is it that people honestly think any of these political hacks have anyone other than their cronies or themselves in mind?  I almost choked a few weeks ago when an acquaintance on FB said something like, "I'm voting for Romney because he really cares about the people!".  Really?!  Are you serious?!  (Not just picking on him, I would have said the same if she had said "Obama".)  I'm sorry, but every time a politician lies, s/he is saying to you, "You are so completely ignorant that you will believe me no matter what I say, no matter how many times I am caught lying."  They have absolutely no respect for you.  At all.  Wake up, people.

So what does this all mean?  The $250K thing.  Is it that they cannot honestly contemplate someone living in on a smaller income?  Or is it something more calculated and conniving?  If they say $250K is Middle Class, then everyone under that is poor.  And nobody should ever be poor.  So if everyone under that magical number is poor, then the government needs to do something about that.  Or give more "free" stuff out to the poor so they don't feel so deprived anymore?  Just another way to incite more class-warfare?  Let's be angry with the Rich and Middle Class instead of with the way our government has been ruining our country.

Ugh.  Where was I going with this post anyhow?  See, this is what happens when I don't post for a while, I get all blog-rant-constipated.

Oh, let's get back on track (as if I ever were on one).  So since I've progressed from upset to angry, now was time to let it all go.  It was time to get back to reality.  Our reality.

We have a home.  We have working vehicles.  We have food in the freezer.  We have eggs, meat and milk just outside the door.  We have plenty of entertainment in the form of farm animals and outdoor activities.  And we have luxuries like a television set, DVD player, computer w/internet, cell phone, air conditioning.  We occasionally treat ourselves to a movie, a dinner out, an outing to the big city.  We we have our health.  And we have our family.  I don't care what any politician or census report says about our level of income.  We are wealthy beyond any of their calculations.

Paul's Take
Why does she even look at those headlines?  It's pure nonsense.  She's giving me a stroke just having to hear about this blog post in it's pre-published form.  Here, have a drink.  I'm seriously considering getting rid of all electronic devices.


  1. If we are "poor" then why are we paying so much in taxes?!!

    1. An entirely different rant, my dear! Oh, can you imagine how long I'd go on about that?!

    2. I was courous about something the other day so I went and digged it up. I seem to remember back when I was growing up you had to make somewhere in the neighborhood of 2 grand before they held out taxes. Now according to the latest tax table if you only make $5 in a year the govt wants $1 of it. Yep... they expect you to give them 20% of your measily 5 bucks. This is why the poor stay poor and the rich get richer. I think someone said a long time ago Romney only pays about 15% taxes on his massive wealth and in this scenerio you have someone that only made 5 bucks paying 20%

  2. I saw that as well. I'm right with you. We don't make even close to half of that- with both our incomes! But I don't consider myself poor. We may not have a lot of the 'stuff' that other people have but then, I don't think it makes them any better or happier than we are.
    And yes, I nearly blew a gasket when I heard that the repub candidate thinks that $200-250,000 is middle class. LOL. How out of touch is he really! At least the POTUS is saying that middle class is anyone UP to $250,000. That's a little more reassuring- although I'm not sure what the lower end is.... Probably not us!

    Have that drink and don't watch the news. I've started only skimming headlines because it's bad for my blood pressure.


  3. (Laughing...)

    Carolyn Renee!!! Gosh I wish I lived closer to you. You are SO right up my alley! (We're seperated at birth I swear!)

    I can just imagine the Bit@h-fest we'd have. (Bring on the booze, Paul!) This is NOT good for you although I have suffered from BRC myself (blog-rant-constipated)

    I suggest you get BACK on the horse and read this garbage EVERYDAY. That way it won't suprise you anymore.

    Now I've got to go looking for this article you mentioned. I haven't had my usual dose of stupidity today. I've been busy watching The Real Housewives of NJ marathon...Oh wait.

    That IS my dose of daily stupidity. @;)

  4. "Blog-rant-constipated". I love that! Yah, I agree that the politicians have no clue how the rest of us live, but why should they? They've voted themselves exempt from a lot of the rules we have to live with, & have really great retirement plans and healthcare plans(heaven forbid THEY have to rely on Social Security or Medicare). It would be interesting to see one of them try to get along like an average American. Might change how they vote, if they had to actually LIVE under the weight of the regulations!

  5. Amen, sistah! A.M.E.N.

    (To say any politician is honest, thinking or caring is an oxymoron of the nth degree.)

  6. There are not a lot of people out there now that can remember gas at 33 cents a gallon, nor that an attendant came out and pumped it, he would also check your water, oil, tire pressure and wash you windshield and side mirrors. Now at $4.00 a gallon you have to pump your own gas and if your lucky they have a squeegee so you can wash your own windshield and pay to use air to check your tires. At those prices I could not afford to commute to a job anymore. BRC don't get me started on salaries for politicians, actors, or athletes. Let's just all pay higher taxes so we can help all the 3rd world countries and have neglected homeless people here. Did I hear on the news we borrowed money from China so we can forgive Egypt their debt. I don't understand government budgeting.

  7. If $200-$250K is "Middle Class" then my question is this: Middle of what? Middle of the top 10%?

  8. I do believe we think way too much like each other. I thought the same thing when I heard about this. I'm glad you wrote this. I'm glad I'm not the only one that thinks politicians don't care for anyone but themselves. It doesn't maker what side they are on.

  9. I have to agree with Paul. And if you think your FB friends are silly for believing in what Romney says [or Obama] then why are you so riled up about what Romney said about 250K being middle class? I am just teasing you because I know you don't believe him. Only people making much more money than that want to believe that tripe, so they can say they are rich.

    If the poverty level for a family of 4 is around $25,000/yr [I think] then surely middle class can't be ten times that, right?

    For what it is worth - we have always made 1/5th of what Romney's middle class supposedly makes and I have always considered us comfortably middle class. Sure, things are tight, but we don't want for anything that we need - and to me having what you need is basically being rich. Especially when you can afford a couple of nice wants - like two cars or a vacation. It is just when people can't differentiate between a want and a need that the lines get blurry.

  10. We are poverty level, I'm cool with dat! What I get upset about is that I don't think we should have to say that we both serve/served in the military AND are poverty level. I blame Obama's administration in full for that, he has caused much damage to our military pay and benefits as well as our job security, but the ERB retention thing is old news already, I don't dwell on it or I'll get a headache :)

  11. I loved this post. I was rolling and agreeing whole heartedly. If 250k is middle class then I am proud to be poor. Matter of fact I am in the process of making myself poorer by choice. My goal is to live on less and be happier doing it. That is why I read blogs like this. To gain the knowledge and then exectue that knowldege. My mindset is changing.... I don't need the latest gadget to be happy, just some dirt to play around in and some plants to grow for food.