Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Where have you been.....

....my entire crust-rolling-out life??

I've heard of pastry cloths.  I think one of the blogs I follow actually did a post on the wonders of the pastry cloth several months ago.  But I never got around to buying one.  And besides.  How much easier could a stupid overpriced piece of cotton material actually make rolling out crusts?

A billion times easier, that's how much!!

There are so many pies, so much pastry goodness that I never attempted to make for the simple fact that I hate hate hated rolling out dough!  I don't care how much flour I "sprinkled" on the counter top and on the rolling pin, it still stuck to everything.

My first foray into rolling out dough on a pastry cloth:
Chicken pot pie, with a "real" crust!
When I make pie crusts for things like quiche, I usually just smoosh the dough into the bottom and up the sides.  But now, I can make proper pie crusts without all the swearing usually involved with my old rolling pin method (and save having to sweep up 3+ cups of flour off the kitchen floor).

Now armed with this new, wonderful, space-aged material, I had to try making cinnamon rolls again.  The last batch I made was very yummy, but I haven't made them again because of the mess on the counter top and the memory of sticky dough and flour covering everything.

Cinnamon roll dough - easily rolled out!
No sticky dough sticking to the counter top!
I think I may as well just go out now and buy some jeans in the next larger size.  This pastry cloth is A-Freaking-Mazing.  Why did it take me so long to get this in my arsenal of cooking gadgets?

I can't wait to try making croissants!  Or puff pastry.  Or more pies.

Oh, my bulging thighs.


  1. I never hear of using pastry cloth. Where did you pick it up at? Is it just your typical cotton material or something special?

  2. I love your posts! I giggle everytime I read one, your too funny! I never make pie crust either because of the mess, I may have to try this pastry cloth out. Thanks for the info!!!

  3. Same question: Where do you get one? The pot pie and cinammon rolls look delish!

  4. Sandy & W.H., I got my pastry cloth at TJ Max for an awesome price of $3.99! I wish they had a whole box of them 'cause I would have bought it, but alas, they only had one.

    Sandy, it's really just a kind'a thick, tight-woven hunk of cotton cloth. You rub flour into it before using, roll to your heart's content, then "fwap" it out when finished & store it in the freezer.

    Kelly, I'm telling you, once you get your hands on one of those puppies, you'll be making EVERYTHING into a pie!

  5. Rhiannon looks awfully happy about the amount of pie crust in her future...that's because she doesn't have to worry about her thighs. Yet.

  6. HA!! I knew there would be another pastry cloth convert! I cannot begin to tell you how much easier my life is since I got my pastry cloth! I use it every week for making the scones for the Farmers' Market AND I have recently made a couple of pies with HOMEMADE crusts because it is now so darn easy! :)
    Just remember to dry it on the line if you ever wash it or it will shrink up and you will NOT be happy.

    1. SO! It was YOU!!!
      Yep. Those things absolutely rock. Thanks for the head's up on the washing/drying. I'd hate to have a pastry cloth suitable for only rolling out single cookies.

  7. Your chicken pot pie looks just like mine. :D You don't use canned cream of chicken soup do you? [I don't, just curious].

    This is funny. I was in the store the other day and saw a pastry cloth and thought the same thing as you why pay extra? I don't have quite as hard a time as you described, but anything to make it a wee bit easier is worth it's weight in gold. So, thanks for the review - I will purchase one or ask for one for Christmas. I am constantly making pies. And AWESOME hint from Candy. Thanks Candy.

  8. I made 2 last year, and keep them in the freezer. They work great!

  9. My grandmother always used a pastry cloth. But did I get it? No. You however, have absolutely convinced me! Great post Carolyn, thanks!

  10. OK, now you've done it! I am ordering a pastry cloth today.
    I always thought it was silly since I have a perfectly good board for rolling out things....I can use it as a base now and not have all that flour mess to clean off it afterwards.

    Have you tried my recipe for crusts? It makes enough for 5 pies and freezes well. I am out and need to make more.

  11. Pastry cloth is amazing! I'm still on my 10 year old one. Do you have the cover for the rolling pin too? It needs to be replaced more often since it's a thinner cheesecloth type material but it too is awesomely helpful!!