Monday, January 27, 2014

small Egg Increase

The Polar Bear Rolex, or whatever the heck they are calling "winter", has descended upon us once again and in anticipation of this rare event (you know, cold temps during, uhm, WINTER) I spent some time out in the barnyard cleaning out goat huts and filling them with clean bedding.  When I was about to empty out Chop Suey's goat hut of choice, I spied two eggs in there. So I sent our smallest farmhand in there and she came out with the two eggs.  One of them was almost half the size of the larger one; a pullet egg!  Add that to the fact that my older biddies are starting to lay more and pretty soon I'll be using up that huge pile of egg cartons in the laundry room.

The Rhode Island Reds are just shy of five months old so it's about time I started finding pullet eggs.  Unfortunately, it wasn't in the coop.  I'm still hand-delivering about half of the buggers to the coop every night and each time they are more & more wary of me so it's more of a challenge to catch the effers.  I'd lock them up in the coop until they finally "got" it, but the older birds are picking on them and they want to get out as soon as I open the door in the morning.

I really don't feel like chasing chickens and playing hide & seek with eggs, especially in the cold!


  1. Glad your pullets are laying now. Our chickens are laying despite frigid temps.

  2. Maybe you can find some sort of tune that will draw the chickens in at night. You could buy yourself a kazoo (see how that almost goes with Krazo there I knew you would like that) and play like a fowl pied-kazooer.

    You should try it. It might work. Only I want pictures or maybe video with full audio when you do :)

  3. My god, do I love that photo! My crew has been laying between 7-13 eggs a day now - all it took was a hit to my electric bill. I keep trying to turn the light off at night, but it's been too damn cold. It's always tricky when you have to integrate a flock, but the last thing you need is something else to do in the cold, dark night!

  4. Chickens are so dumb. When we first got our latest batch of hens, I had to put them in the coop for months before they figured it out. Morons. At least it wasn't cold when we got them....

    The little ones should get the picture soon.

  5. Yep, time to build that barn. You know, the one with two separate chicken houses in it. And the area for setting hens. And the whole incubator set-up when you want to go that route. And the area for the brooder pen, too. Ooops, almost forgot to include an infirmary for any ailing cluckers.

    P.S. When you're done building this structure, please send us the plans 'cause we really need something like it, too.

  6. That picture is just creepy! LOL!!
    I had a chicken laying her egg in the yard every day but she seems to have stopped...either that or somechicken is eating it now!

  7. With this cold snap, our chickens stopped laying. We get nothing,zippo, nadda, the big goose egg.(Well, not really the goose egg. Expecially since we don't have geese. That would be weird. )