Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Yes, it's cold outside. It's WINTER.

I know, this is an unusually frigid snap for most of the country, but what I don't get is the news media blitz about it.  Do we really need to remind people that they should wear hats and gloves when they go outdoor in sub-freezing weather?  How many stations have done the "Vaporizing water" trick?  I'm still waiting for some news outlet to send some intern out in the streets with a flap of chicken skin and time how long before it's frozen.  For some reason, that sticks out in my mind from a weather broadcast years & years ago.

Anyways, things back here at the homestead are, well, cold.  Colder than usual.

The weather being the Freezing Vortex that it is (or whatever the heck the media is calling, you know, winter), the wood stove has been cranked for I don't know how many days straight.  During the coldest part of the day, it was 42 degrees in the master bath, 51 in the bedroom and 61 on the couch closest to the stove.  I know, I know, there are people who have it worse and I shouldn't complain.  And it's not the end of the world if I can't walk around in shorts and a t-shirt indoors.  I'm actually kind'a liking the long underwear / sweatpants / sweatshirt / socks / slippers layered look.

The outside critters have all survived the worst of the cold snap; 1 degree at night with a windchill of "OMG that's cold".  But we're expecting a high of 30 today and only 18 at night so we're over the worst of it.  Although we didn't have any animal casualties, we did have two egg casualties:

I've never had eggs crack from freezing so quickly before.   I've occasionally left eggs out overnight in the winter and they had cracked, but these were gathered during the day.  I just let them defrost on the kitchen counter, fried them up really well, then make myself an egg & cheese sandwich for supper.


  1. Regarding people not dressing for the cold weather or not having enough food in their houses to avoid starvation if a blizzard kept them snowbound for 48 hours . . . what is the saying? Ya can't fix stupid.

    As I've said before, I do have sympathy for those of you "in the south" who aren't supposed to be having such cold conditions. But even us up here near the tundra have had too many years of mild, warmish winters and this sure has been a wake-up call that one needs to be ready for out-of-the-normal situations 'cause they can (and do!) happen. Stay warm, you little fuzzy-clad person!

  2. Back when I actually knew a lot of people and wasn't such a hermit I knew several folks who lived in the nearby small cities like Columbia or Jefferson City who didn't even own a coat. They were so used to being inside and going from apartment to car etc. they never bothered. If the power went out they wrapped a blanket around themselves and stayed inside.

  3. Well, there's winter and there's winter. And this is a real wintery winter. I've always lived north(ish), so I expect it to be cold in the winter. Amazing, ain't it? It's like having all the benefits of being in Alaska without having to move there.

  4. Carolyn,

    I watched the news here the other night and a woman in NY was holding an umbrella over her head in the snow storm..............talk about crazy.
    People don't use common sense.
    Stay warm!!!

  5. Omg, that cat pic almost made me pee myself! Hahahahahaha!!!

    And yeah, if people truly need to be reminded to wear more layers, then they should all be banned from contributing to society for being that stupid... Kinda like the guy I just had to shovel out of the snow mountain in front of my driveway... Here's a thought, maybe if there is a giant snow/ice mountain taller than the hood of your truck, you shouldn't try to park in it!

  6. Brrr. I feel sorry for people who don't have central heating in that kind of weather. Can be pretty miserable... but yeah, dress for the weather, duh! I am currently in denim, cords, and wool socks :)

  7. Our eggs froze yesterday too. At least the chickens fared the temps well.