Sunday, January 19, 2014

Prego...Is it REALLY in there?

Well, the mass-produced spaghetti sauce may have "it" in there, but I'm not too sure if my goats have kids in there.

Lily is due in eleven days.  Maybe.
Lily, due in eleven days....OR forty-one days.
She's been looking a bit more rotund lately, but is she really due in less than two weeks?  She was bred twice, so it's either eleven or forty-one days.  She's no where as large as Annette is:
Annette, with a super-duper Muffin Top..or Side.
Annette is due one day after Lily's second potential kidding date.  Forty-two days away and would you just look at that bulge?! Annette has always had a hay belly and I've had people ask me if she was pregnant just after she kidded!

Both Pickles and Lily were bred at the same time so the first due date is January 30th and the second is March 1st.  Pickles doesn't even look much larger than normal so I'm betting she took the second time around:
Pickles.  Just a little bump showing.
Nettie was also bred two different times, so her kidding dates are either the 24th of February or the 2nd of March.  She's looking like she's got a little bit of a baby bump going, but she's also another hard one to judge.  One year I swear she was so small that I expected only one kid, but she ended up throwing three of them!

MamaGoat is due on on the 21st of March and NewNew is due on the 26th of March:
NewNew sporting a baby bump.
And then there's Penny.  The "Boer" goat (that turned out to be a Boer x Nubian cross) that was "supposed" to be bred anywhere from mid-July to the mid-October.  She doesn't look the slightest bit pregnant.  Well, maybe a little bit.
Penny......better be pregnant!
Hopefully that's because she was bred in October and still has until the middle of March until her kidding.  Would make perfect sense because two other goats are due at that same time and we wouldn't want to have them spaced out or anything.  Since coming here in the beginning of December she hasn't shown any signs of going into heat, hasn't been oogling over Herman and Herman hasn't been going crazy, so I'm hoping that she is, in fact, pregnant.  Especially since I swapped her with one of my pregnant goats.  Well, I suppose there is a chance that my girl wasn't pregnant, but I did hand-breed her and she never went back into heat.  Penny, however, was just left in with a buck for three months and the previous owner just assumed that she was bred.

This is going to be one of the most interesting kidding years yet.


  1. Methinks you could drive yourself completely bonkers looking at the ladies and trying to decide if they've got buns in the oven or not. Well, except for a couple of those gals who definitely look like they've got two or more kids growing in them. Or one that is gonna come out the size of a calf!

  2. Goats will drive you crazy EVERY time, lol! One of mine just kidded quadruplets. Wasn't any bigger than usual, no *off* behavior, she just popped out 4 wee kids and went about her business of cleaning them up.
    Then the one that got HUGE (and we suspected was carrying quads...or at least triplets), had two normal sized kids. Goats...ya gotta love 'em...

  3. I'm questioning my girls pregnancy too. I witnessed what looked like a pretty good conception. She barely has a belly but we still have 13 weeks to go. Hope all your girls are preggers and everything goes smoothly. Can't wait to see baby pics :)

  4. I always hated the wait and see game...........

  5. I sure hope Lily is pregnant but probably not in 11 days! The others look a little more "with kid" especially Annette! Yikes!
    I was late breeding this year, just got it done (hopefully) two weeks ago. The first attempt was a no-go.

  6. Pregnant goats means soon you will post baby goat pics! There is NOTHING cuter than a baby goat!!! Good luck, don't drive yourself nuts!

  7. It will be interesting. I was that way with the Jersey heifer; I never saw her bred but never say any more heat so just assumed she was.......and she was. I didn't realize goats were that difficult to get bred.....just assumed that one time would take care of it.