Friday, May 30, 2014

Difficult Decision

This is a very personal post tonight.  No, it doesn't involve grooming or hygiene - not that kind of personal.  But I have to get it off my chest.

I LOVE this, almost wet my pants when I first saw it.
BTW, I'm the last glass.  Sad, but true.
I am on Facebook (admittedly, too much) and have been posting articles that are Anti-Common Core.  One of my FB "friends" and real life acquaintances is a teacher for the local school.  She also just so happens to get very offended when I post Anti-Common Core links.  She believes that there is absolutely nothing wrong with the schools teaching by Common Core standards.  But the method of teaching is not what my big gripe is about; it's the privacy issue.  She believes it is all a conspiracy, that there is nothing new being done, that there is no new information being collected on students.  I believe otherwise, and not just because someone posted something on FB and I just copy & paste it.  I've done research.  I've attended a non-partisan, non-political seminar on it.  I've read both pro & anti Common Core articles with an honestly open mind.  And I do admit that a lot of the Common Core hoopla is fueled by persons that actually have no idea what Common Core is about and just because they are Republicans or Libertarians or Space Hedehogs they hate it.  That is why I did research on it.  That is why I try to listen to both sides of the story.  But I suppose I am just a pessimist and believe that when government is given that much information on your child(ren), that that information WILL be abused, either intentionally, unknowingly or "accidentally".

I know that when one is on a social media sight that it is much easier to "debate" with someone as you are not face to face.  It is easier to fight over something when you and the one you are arguing debating with are not physically able to see the human behind the arguments.  I'm notorious for being The Devil's Advocate and maybe I should stop putting up posts about controversial topics.....about topics that make people uneasy...about topics that nobody wants to talk about because they are either afraid, uninformed or uneducated about it.  I'd like to think that I have an open mind.  I'd like to think that I could sit down with someone and truly debate difficult topics and see both sides.  It doesn't mean that you'll change my mind or I'll change yours, which is long as your decisions do not adversely affect me or my family.

I am a sometimes detrimentally stubborn strong willed person.  I can see that my attitude towards things like personal responsibility, freedom and political leanings has the potential to destroy friendships.  I know that this woman is a very dedicated teacher and wants the best for her students.  I know that she believes that no harm will come from Common Core (or whatever it was called before, is now, or will be).  But I just cannot stay silent.  I cannot let things like this go.  Even if she "unfriended" me on FB.   (To her credit, she did message me and told me the reasons she felt she had to unfriend me and I respect that.)  Even if I lose a real friendship over it.

It makes me wonder how people will react when they are forced to make difficult decisions about truly life-altering matters.  If  When the political / economic / social storm becomes too strong to ignore, how many friendships will be torn apart?  How many families will be torn apart?

Where do you stand?  And will you stand for what you believe or will you stay silent and just go with the flow?


  1. Ya know after Clinton went crazy downgrading the military and one door was slammed in my face I naively thought I would go into teaching. I got my secondary certificate, did my student teaching, the whole nine yards. Even then once the reality of not only what was being taught in our public schools but how the entire thing was being shifted to the detriment of young boys began to sink in, I walked away from it as a profession.

    There maybe some teachers who are honest people and truly care for the children, all the children, under their care but I have a seriously hard time rectifying that type of person with what I witnessed first hand. I seriously do not see how someone could be honest and still be a teacher and I am sure it has gotten much worse since my time.

    You will make nothing but enemies speaking the truth about teachers, the public education system, government employees or their extravagant pensions etc. etc. Deep down many of them know what they are doing is wrong but they will defend it tooth and nail because they are dependent on it's payout. I would estimate 7 or 8 out of every 10 families in this country are directly or no more than once removed from government largess of some type. It's all welfare except some go and sit on a clock for their payout and they will almost all take it personally when you speak out against it.

    If losing "friends" bothers you than the only advice I can give is don't speak on those subjects. I think you know I have experience in going there and do not care but most people are not like me in that regard.

    You are not going to get a straight honest opinion or answer from anyone who is dependent on the government. More often than not you will get nothing more than scorn and hatred because when you speak out against the abuses you are attacking the cash cow of their own or someone close to them. I have seen Mother's push agendas that do nothing but limit their own son's chances at a job for a paycheck and then sleep quite comfortably at night so never under estimate the power of a steady money supply and a cushy pension.


    I just wrote about this same privacy thing. It is seriously creeping me out. I never use my kids' names (so, for instance, their future employers won't be able to dig up my blog & hold something against the then adult-child). Yet, I notice how many other mama bloggers put every.little.thing about their kids 'out there'. First, I freak when I read it. Then, I have to think about how much of a digital trail we all already have. It is SO scary to think about what dangerous & damaging things could happen to my kids, just from someone getting their info.

  3. PP, losing this acquaintence on FB (supposedly we are still friends in real life, she just couldn't stand my negative comments about CC) isn't a big deal. Actually, I found myself tiptoeing around her trying not to offend, so now I kind'a feel releived :) But as for losing other friends because of my outspokenness, I feel that it may be inevitable. Paul just says that I need to shut my trap (and get off FB), but I can't help but counter with the "other" side of the coin, especially when it comes to things like social programs, social "programming", rights, government abuse, etc. Am I always showing the "bad" things? Maybe. But I'd rather make SOMEONE aware of the evil that lurks than to pretend that it doesn't exist.

    Awesome, I'm going to click on your link after I'm done ranting here. But yes, I admit, I probably should listen to my husband more about posting personal pictures and identifying where we live, what we do. But I won't stop speaking out against the wrong that is being done. Does it make us a target for XYZ agency to pluck something out from my online history and use it against us if they chose to do so? Of course. Not sure what they'd find, but anyone without their head in the sand should know that our government is not beyond fabrication and out & out lies in order to their agenda. Heck, just writing those last few sentences would have me pegged as a domestic terrorist.

  4. I work in a public school as an elementary librarian. Schools have always collected data, and I think the objections I hear have nothing to do with privacy. It's more a matter of a specific skills being mandatory. Knowledge has always been tested in one way or another. Sadly I think it doesn't really work, but that's another story. I also limit posting personal pictures of any kind, specifically where we live, what we do. I also never post photos of our adult kids. Who needs to know?

  5. I was trying to find your facebook link (if you have one), you might consider changing your text color on your sidebar. A bit hard to read, blue on blue...

  6. What happened to privacy? Why would anyone show the world their private lives? I just don't understand it. If you have an opinion and therefore someone doesn't want to be your friend what.

  7. Nancy, most of the objections I hear are because of the way things are taught. But I honestly believe it's because it is something that someone can take a picture of (i.e. the new math) and post it on FB and it spreads. What I have a major problem with, and unfortunately it is not the point that is being pushed, is that there IS a push for more PERSONAL data collection. And that data collection is NOT going to be private. Just look into the fine print in the "legalese" that is hidden in the Common Core objectives and standards. I have nothing wrong with teaching different ways as long as it is beneficial for the STUDENT. I do see wrong in the mass data collection that most people are not aware of. It is one thing to voluntarily put up personal information on a blog, or in a newspaper column, or on FB. But it is an entirely different thing for a government run system to be collecting very personal information on your child, often without your knowledge or consent. Which WILL be abused, no matter what they promise.

    Tewshooz, I'm not sure what you're trying to get at. Obviously anyone who is posting things VOLUNTARILY knows that they are putting out private information for others to see. Why in the world wold anyone show the world their private lives? Well, for one, to educate. Or because they are a narcissist. Or because they feel they have a story to tell. Or because they just want to write and be heard. Or because it's a way to vent, or a cheap form of therapy? Why then, would anyone want to read those same private things written by others?
    And yes, so what. I lost a FB friend. But it brought on deeper thoughts, which is what I posted about.

  8. Stand tall and have the courage of your convictions. If you don't believe in yourself who will? I left a church because of their approval of abortion..(a Christian church). I don't unfriend anyone..if they want to unfriend me that's their choice. Without thoughtful disagreements where would we be. there would be no need for Freedom of speech. Im against Common Core..I personally believe we need to go back to old school way of education (look what this modern education has brought us). Are todays kids any smarter? Can they reason for themselves, solve a problem, could they take care of themselves in time of strife? Last night my husband said..gee no one has drown off that dam in years(its a shame it had happened). I told him look around do you see any kids outside playing..nope it was 6:30 in the pm. Kids don't even have an imagination to old refrig box was a fort.

  9. Add my kudos for your efforts. Common Core is nonsense. Political Correctness is cudgel to silence our free speech. And all the comments here support you - thanks to all!

  10. Being afraid of voicing your opinion is NOT the responsible way to act, especially when it comes to our kids. Rock on Carolyn! Expressing your freedoms should never be a regret! I, myself tell it like it is all the time sometimes have to use a little different approach but still get my point across. If more people would tactfully express themselves this nation would be in a better place! And I don't mean tiptoe either!!

  11. You can't fix stupid. Some people LIKE to have their heads in the sand. Just keep talking the truth, that's all any of us can do. By the way, the Home School Legal Defense Association has been adamantly speaking out against Common Core for a very long time-well before it's introduction. They have been actively petitioning local, state and federal guvmint over this and many issues. You might want to check it out, if you haven't already.