Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Teachable Moments (whether you know it or not)

Rhiannon is no stranger to the kitchen; either by way of sneaking snacks in the fridge or by helping me cook.  This past weekend, she asked to make breakfast "All By Myself".  So I let her.  Supervised, of course.

Nothing tastes better than something you made yourself!
It's really no surprise that she wants to help cook; she sees Mommy in the kitchen a lot (probably too much if you know what I mean) and as most young'ens are apt to do, they watch and they want to imitate.

Rhiannon and I were playing in her bedroom a few days ago.  I was eventually able to extricate myself from the Princess Diamond Pony and Velociraptor Adventures and went to sit down on the bed with a magazine while she continued playing.  Not really watching her, I was a bit puzzled when she announces, "......and now we take the guts out."

At some point she had abandoned the plastic horses and dollar store dinosaurs and had taken my Svengoolie* rubber chicken (*sorry, a Chicagoland reference......BERWIN?!?), wrapped a hair band around it's feet, secure it to the bedroom doorknob and apparently was at the end of the butchering process.  She had even gone into her bathroom to grab a pair of tweezers and was picking off the imaginary pinfeathers!

So I guess that my worrying about how she would take being around poultry butchering days when she was younger was all for naught.


  1. That's hysterical! (She sounds so much like my daughter.)

  2. LOL!!!! I love it!!!!!!!! She is so adorable. I love the pic of her scrambling her eggs. Enjoy her smallness, they grow up too fast :)))))))

  3. Now that there is downright FUNNY!

  4. I notice that Rhiannon does everything with a flair - and there is no doubt in my mind that she will be able to take care of herself in any situation. That girl has moxie! Hmmmm. I wonder where she gets it..... :) xo

  5. That is one of the funniest things I've heard in a while.

  6. Carolyn,

    Rhiannon is like a Minnie Carolyn.......she watches you all the time when you work around the homestead and picks things up.
    I think this is too funny :-)
    Enjoy, the little ones grow up to darn fast.

  7. I came on over from Sci Fi - Good job. Kids need to be in the kitchen & they need to see a tape measure so that when they are in 4-5th grade they aren't clueless about fractions.

  8. We never know what they are absorbing........should make us wary.

    I love that she has adapted to your lifestyle.

  9. The Awesome's, I have to admit, I did chuckle :)

    Kelly, she's doing things every day that I had to step back and think, "Wow, she's doing XYZ by herself now".

    SciFiChick, definitely worth a good "snort - chuckle"!

    Susan, if you only knew half the things Rhiannon does with a "flair".....she is a complete HAM!

    DFW, glad to make you snicker...or chortle, or laugh, or even snort!

    Sandy, I am a bit worried about what other things she may have picked up from her not-so-proper Mother.

    SFG, great (that she'll be helping us with butchering real soon) AND funny to boot!

    Lady Locust, Welcome! Oh, I remember struggling with fractions, I hope that getting Rhiannon in the kitchen with the measuring cups and building stuff with her father using the measuring tape will help with that.

    gld, wary. definitely wary :)