Thursday, September 4, 2014

Horse, I mean Goat, I mean, Rabbit Trading

I did some livestock trading this past weekend.  I have goats.  Too many goats.  I had Penny (the Boer/Nubian cross doe) in the local FB sale page a few months ago, but nobody was interested.  I put her back up for sale and figured I should list one of Annette's doelings for the heck of it.  I really didn't want to sell either of them, but honestly, I need to sell somebody.  They are going through grain like it's nobody's business and winter's coming up and our hay is slowly but surely dwindling.  Less mouths to feed equals less feed to buy.  Duh.

Well, within an hour, I had somebody inquire about her (dangit, I knew I should have asked for more).  Her being the doeling, not Penny.....of course. And less than 24 hours later, she was in the back of his pick up truck and I had some Federal Reserve Notes in my back pocket and a cage containing these buggers:
Charlie the GSD seems all too interested in the rabbits.
The man who bought Annette's doeling asked if I wanted to trade for poultry or rabbits so I agreed to four six-month old New Zealand rabbits.  Not for breeding, not for pets, but for immediate insertion into our freezer.  I've plugged about half a dozen wild cottontails here over the years, butchered 'em and cooked 'em, but we've never eaten a farm raised rabbit so this seemed like a nice opportunity to do so.

Not ten minutes after the dust settled from the pickup & doeling leaving our place, we had this set up and ready to go:

I'll let you in on how our bunny-butchering afternoon went in another post.  So if your stomach isn't up for pictures of white, fluffy things being bludgeoned to death and missing their skin, make a mental note to skip that post.  But I do promise to include supper pictures, which should make up for the butchering pics.

Or just make it worse.  Hmmmmm.


  1. Where in the world wide web did you find that shake n bake picture, too funny!!!!!!
    You should save the pelts. I still kinda suck at it but I love my white furs :))))

  2. I have purchased and tasted home raised rabbits before. Hubby and I have considered it for a meat option. Maybe I could find someone here to trade a doeling. We still have two that need homes this year.

  3. We used to raise rabbits as a meat source and hubby would get back into that in a nanosecond if I agreed. As it is, with our "free" source of venison and the geriatric hens we cull each year I think we have plenty of protein in the freezer. (Although if we had saved all the chipmunk carcasses that went to chipmunk heaven [ahem] this summer, we'd have lots more!) You are a horse trader, m'dear, in the truest (and kindest) sense of the word.

  4. Carolyn,

    Baked rabbit YUM......Fried rabbit Yum.....
    You did good girl :-)

  5. I always feel a sense of adventure when I read your posts - like I'm virtually traveling to an exotic place. Your coffers are full, my friend. Not to mention your freezers....