Monday, September 12, 2011

How much wood....

...would a two-year-old chuck if a two-year-old could chuck wood?  About this much:

Wood cutting & splitting time this weekend.  And Rhiannon was adamant that she be allowed to chuck wood like her Dad. 

I think we have about a full cord of seasoned wood up by the house now.  We didn't really keep track how much we went through last winter, but it was definately more than a cord.  I'd probably say closer to three.

But there's plenty more cutting and splitting to do before the wood stove gets fired up for the season:

And when we finally get our wood cook stove in the "eventual" outdoor kitchen, we'll be needing even more firewood each year. 

A-Chuck, chuck, chucking we will go!!


  1. I have an eventual woodstove in my eventual outdoor kitchen too!

  2. Well send that little helper of yours my way! We have lots and lots of wood to chuck. LOL

  3. Good for you, Carolyn! I'm jealous--we haven't even begun getting our firewood yet and we need at least 7 cords!! Plenty of work ahead of us, for sure!

  4. Well, look at her, with her little pink...mittens? She has great wood-chucking form!

  5. What a total cutie!!! Hey, every pair of hands helps with that chore on the homestead :-) We will be starting in a couple of weeks too.

  6. Mom used to say that they want to help when they are too little and when they are big enough, you can't find them!

    She is a cutie!

    We used to figure 4 cords to get us through back when we were burning wood. Always just bought it.

  7. What a cutie! Nothing like helping Daddy. Great memories she'll have forever.