Friday, December 16, 2011

Chickens in the Mist

It was a pretty dreary day yesterday.  Overcast and a bit of drizzle.  Kind'a depressing. 
Then Rhiannon hopped up on the chair next to the front window and started bouncing up & down.

There were chickens in the front yard:

It's not like it's that rare of an occurance.  I actually usually end up running outside screaming my head off at them if they get too close to the raised beds in the front yard.   But since the garden is done for the year, there was no need to scatter chickens.

And Rhiannon reminded me that even though it looked dreary outside, we didn't have to feel dreary inside.


  1. I do believe that little girl of yours brightens your world like a bright pink lamp! ;)

  2. Yup, doesn't have to be sunny to be a good day!

  3. Rhiannon sounds like a gem! Chickens in the yard are indeed one of life's bright spots :)

  4. What a treat for
    Rhianonon, chickens, goats, horses....a great way to raise children.

  5. Glad you're not making divinity today- humidity prevents it from setting up. Enjoy that little girl!

  6. Ooh, I will not let my chickens see this post! They would LOVE to have access to my front yard, the little buggers. That Rhiannon can put sunshine in just about any spot, can't she?

  7. LOL! I too run out screaming at my chickens. They are either getting into the garden or the flower bed or the herb gardens.

  8. Rhiannon and chickens would brighten anyone's day! :)

  9. Gipsi, Mama, Erin & Candy...thanks for the nice comments...Rhiannon reminds me to find the fun things in ordinary days.

    gld, I hope she enjoys them later on when I make her help with the barn chores!! :)

    Susan, the Chickens only get to be in the front yard when there are no "yummies" to pick at. Otherwise I scatter them whenever they get close.

    Kristina, the neighbors must think we're nuts when we go running out the front door, screaming cuss words at birds in the yard, hugh/