Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Confectionary Convert

 “I can feel my teeth rotting away from an excess of sugar that no amount of toothpaste can dislodge."  - Walter Matthau in “A New Leaf”

That quote basically sums up how I felt throughout most of the Christmas weekend.  If I haven’t become a diabetic from all the sweets I recently consumed, I’ll be surprised. 
Along with the Christmas ham (honey-glazed, of course) Polish potato dumpling thingies (swimming in butter & honey), roasted veggies (I think the only thing NOT containing butter or sugar), we ate countless types of cookies, Black Forest Cake with a 4” topping of whipped cream, toffee, sweet breads (sweet BREAD, not sweetbread as in animal organs, although I bet if you put some icing on a pancreas, I would have eaten it), and other homemade candies.  My favorite being something that I almost totally dismissed.
We were given a huge package of Christmas goodies from a couple that I Kitty Sit for, and one of those packages had a tag that said “Maple Walnut Fudge”.   When I saw the tag, I immediately told Paul that he could have at it (as I was eying the decorated sugar cookies in same bag-o-goodies).  You see, although I’m a sugar addict, I’m not partial to fudge, let alone maple flavored candies.   Maybe it’s because I’ve eaten too many chunks of sub-par fudge.  And don’t ask me about the maple aversion; I LOVE maple syrup on my pancakes....makes absolutely no sense. 
But when Paul started making “nummy” noises (which he’ll never admit to) after biting into the fudge, I figured I may as well try some of it.  Besides, I couldn’t lie to Terri when she asked how I liked the fudge unless I actually ate some of it.  So I carefully picked off a small corner off one of the chunks.  And. It. Melted. In. My. Mouth.
Tried another piece.  Heaven.
And another.   This stuff is fudge???
Maybe I should try another few pieces, and check the tag, because I thought it said this was supposed to be fudge.
This so-called-Fudge was the smoothest, creamiest, yummiest, piece of non-chocolate candy I’ve had in like, well, a LONG time.  It reminded me of a smooth, yet denser, divinity kind’a candy.
And now it all gone! L
So I’m going to have to beg Terri for the recipe and add it to our Christmas Candy list for next year.   Or for any other special occasion.  Like Tuesdays.

Oh, and guess what else I got for Christmas:

My wood stove back, complete with tile flooring underneath!  I predict 80 degree temperatures in the house very, very soon.


  1. Laughing....I know that feeling! My teeth ACHE with all the sugar on them.

  2. We were both sick over the Christmas week; the only advantage of that was no sweets! I lost 4 lbs!

    I love the new stove. Is that a Vermont Castings? I wish ours had a glass front, but it works so it stays.

  3. That stove is beautiful!!! And oh yeah... I ate a whole box of chocolate my mom sent me... in my defense I had a migraine Christmas Day and really needed the extra caffeine LOL....

  4. YAY for the stove being up and running!! :)
    I posted a recipe for Maple Pecan Fudge on my blog last week that is really easy and yummy, you could always substitute walnuts. It would be perfect for Valentine's Day in a little over a month! LOL!!

  5. Glad the stove is back and we had like 95 degrees this weekend as it was really too warm outside to be burning the stove! Go figure. What a nice surprise on the fudge and I'm where you are - sugar coma....think I better get some caffine in me to get past it today.

  6. I have been trying to avoid the sugar rush like the plague. I didn't bake cookies. I didn't even bake bread this last two weeks to avoid the honey and butter, right out of the over, slab. I have absolutely no will power when it comes to a sweet sitting in front of me. I HAVE to eat it. I love the stove. I'm jealous that you can see the flames through the front of your. Mine is solid, but I wouldn't be without it. There is just something about coming in out of the cold and standing in front of the heat radiating from it. I know you're going to be happy having it back. The floor looks great.

  7. Yay for getting the wood stove installed! Just in time for the coldest part of the year.

    I seem to be losing my taste for sweets more and more every year. Not a bad thing, I guess, but I also love potato chips more and more. Which is a bad thing, of course.

  8. How do you eat fudge without making "nummy" noises? Glad you got it all gone before your house gets up to 80! That's fudge melting temps for sure!

  9. tami, I can't imagine how many pounds of sugar went through my system this holiday season.

    gld, sorry to hear you were sick. The stove is a Heartstone, not sure if that's the brand or the model, but I love it, especially the glass front, it's mesmerizing watching the flames.

    Erin, I honestly believe chocolate can cure just about anything. Except maybe my cellulite.

    Candy, Valentine's day, How could I forget! What a great time to start practicing fudge-making, I'll check out your recipe, thanks!

    MTWaggin, you know, I though there was something missing from my morning....MORE caffene!

    Everstuff, I think I'm going to have to go no-sugar cold turkey pretty soon or I'm going to have to buy larger pants. Coming in from the cold & warming up by the stove is such a great feeling.

    Mama Pea, Chips or chocolate? Not sure how I'd do without either of them, but fortunately I don't buy the chips, so that's one less thing to snack on. But if there are chips (and dip) at another house, I'm all over them!

    Hoosier Girl, Well, I guess it's pretty bad that the fudge is already gone...two days. We're such gluttons. But you're right, it probably would have melted in 80 degree heat, so best that it's gone. Right? Right.

  10. Oh fudge! Makes me think of this stand in our local market called "Oooh Fudge" and it is NEVER open... Your fudge makes me really want some right now! And the stove! Awesome! It's always nice to be warm and toasty