Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Round baking pan, crock, thingy

Here's the thing I cook my round bread in:

Two loaf pans on the left, round crock in the center,
and some old bowl on the right.
Sorry I didn't get a better picture but the step stool is in the basement and I'm too lazy to go get it.  Besides, I'd probably stumble up & down the stairs, crack my head on the almost-finished tile floor and bleed to death before dawn.  So use your imagination with the photo.  It's made by Pampered Chef (the crock, not the step stool!) and I believe they are some sort of stoneware.

I inherited both the round crock and the two loaf pans from someone on Paul's side of the family.  Basically, they moved out, we moved in, and they left those in the house and I nabbed them.  Finder's Keepers - Sorry Sharon!
And I absolutely LOVE them.  I only cook in my metal loaf pans if I have more than three loaves of bread to make.  They don't burn the bread as easily (not that I'm a burner of bread......often) as the metal pans and once you've seasoned them, the loaves pop right out.

I'm a cheapskate, but if I ever broke any of the pans, I would actually go out and buy another one instead of using just the metal pans now.  I just looked them up on the Pampered Chef website and the regular loaf pans are $23, but I didn't see the round loaf crock.  I even looked on ebay, but didn't find them there either.  Guess I'd better be really careful with mine then. 
And I bet you are all green with envy now.


  1. I have a couple pieces of Pampered Chef cookware and it's great stuff.

  2. I love your "some old bowl" too!
    I have never tried baking bread in a crock type pan and I even have one but I just use it for casseroles! LOL!!
    Be careful with your lovely round one! (Green, green, envy, envy!)

  3. Carolyn, the bowl on the right is gorgeous! I collect big, old bowls like that and have one that is similar. Love it....and your crock-thingy, too!

  4. You and I have the identical big round bowl! It weighs a ton, doesn't it? My brain cells are vacationing elsewhere at the moment, but I think I inherited mine from my mother-in-law. Or was that the yellow one of the same size that my husband dropped and broke? (We don't talk about that much. Hardly at all. Except when I bring it up.)

  5. I like the crocks and old bowls too. I believe you can bake bread in coffee cans but unfortunately our favorite coffee only comes in plastic now. I can find plenty of uses for the red plastic "cans" but wish we could get a few metal ones.

  6. I like your "Round baking pan, crock, thingy"! I use juice cans to make round loaves, but a crock thingy would be much better - maybe some day!

  7. I love that thingy! Your some-old bowl is very similar to a very large some-old bowl that I've had for years. Mama Pea is right - it weighs a ton!

  8. You better protect those pans!! Oh, by the way, I made your oatmeal cookies and they were AWESOME! Thanks for the post!

  9. Teresa, the only Pampered Chef things I have I got as "leftovers" from when Paul's family moved out of their house (and we moved in, we bought their place). So there was a lot of stuff left, and I obviously scored big with these pans!

    Erin, Yes, yes it is! I also like to make quick breads in them, but they don't seem to release as easliy as the yeast breads.

    Candy C., I don't have any casserole stoneware dishes, although if I find one cheap I'm going to snag it right away as I do love these pans.

    Mooberry, I have a few other old bowls, mostly from my Great Aunt, some of them I remember her using when I was a youngster!

    Mama Pea, Let it go woman......let it go. :)

    Dannie, I've also heard that you can cook in the "old" coffee cans, but I always wondered how the bread would release with all those ridges in the can.

    Linda, juice cans? Do you have to make a bunch for a normal loaf or do you mean those 1/2 gallon juice cans that you had to open with the can opener?(I didn't even know they sell them anymore.)

    Susan, maybe we can record a exercise video using those bowls as weights?

    Tiny, Glad you liked the cookies. We ran out of the ones I put in the freezer a few days ago already. Why am I overweight?? :)

  10. Yes Carolyn, the 1/2 gallon juice cans. I bought a couple so I could use them for bread pans. :D You can still buy them, but 'normally' who would want to?