Wednesday, December 28, 2011


So, I promised you all a chance to get a Box o' Chocolates from my good friend's shop Louisa's & Millie's Chocolates when I got to 100 Followers. 

This is a picture from their not try to lick the screen.

And yesterday was the magic day.

So I was thinking to myself, "Myself, what should I make these wacky people lovely blog followers do to gain an entry into the contest?"

There were thoughts of making you have to divulge embarrassing personal information, or revealing which celebrity you harbor lusty feelings for (mine would be Robert Duvall in Lonesome Dove or Tom Selleck).  Paul suggested making you say exactly why you deserved the chocolate.  But come on, is there not a reason one would be deserving of chocolate? 

So here's what you're gonn'a have to do for an entry:

Make a comment.  That's it.  I don't care what it's about, although something nice about cats may bestow Susan's (my black cat, not Susan at e-i-e-i-omg!) feline blessings upon you and your entry.  I'm not even going to make you "Share" this link on your blog or FB page, because although I don't mind extra followers, I think the loyal Followers of Krazo Acres shouldn't have to decrease their chances!

Open to US residents only, one entry per person, and I'll have Rhiannon pick the winner some time on New Year's Day.  Or whenever I get around to it.  Because you know, it's my blog and I can do whatever I want.

Good luck!

PS - Please comment on this blog post.  I know a few of you commented on the previous post, but if you wouldn't mind re-commenting on this one, it would make it easier to take down names.


  1. I'm not afraid. I'll answer with your (non)suggested comment topics.

    Embarrassing personal info: A couple of minutes ago my jeans were actually about to cut off the circulation to the lower half of my body so I took them off and put on my old, old black stretch (no longer having much stretch left but they sure are comfy) pants.

    Celebrity I harbor lusty feelings for: The sadly departed Patrick Swayze.

    Why I deserve the chocolate: Because I am such a good person, I would give them to my hubby and daughter who are much more chocolate lovers than I. (But those caramels do look wonderful so I'd probably snarf them up first.)

    Say something nice about cats: I would have a cat (or two) in an instant if I could teach them to go outside to poop and pee. (Sorry, but I can't do the litter box thing.) Please tell your black cat, Susan, that I think she must be a wonderful cat although she probably uses an indoor litter box.

  2. I'm with Mama Pea, bring it!!!
    Embarassing tidbit: well, my underwear once fell down when I had on a maternity jean skirt, LOL stupid stretch panels they itch so bad you don't notice if your clothes might actually be falling OFF under there haha at least I was at my own house though

    Celebrity? hmmmm, Jake Gyllenhaal, which could double as embarassing since I named a tomato I grow after him haha

    I don't deserve any chocolate, I'll be honest... because I actually need an intervention, I'm addicted to it )

    Cats??? I'll admit I totally missed the cat thing and had to go get my glasses to reread the post, but sure enough, something NICE about cats...hmmmm, maybe they taste good to dogs? That's nice :)

  3. Isn't it fun how you tell us NOT to do something and we jump right in there?

    Embarassing moment? It's right along the lines of Erin's except they were black lace...I was crossing Euclid Avenue MANY years ago in Cleveland on my lunch break when the elastic went. I just kept on walking - right out of them.

    Celebrity - Sadly departed Raoul Julia. Ooooh, baby!

    Does "deserve" and "need" count as the same thing?

    Susan, darlink. This is your human soul sister calling you - meow, meow, purr, purr, purr. (Don't listen to Erin - she's just kidding...)

  4. Embarrassing tidbit: I was talking to my doctor, Dr. Eller, about how medicine runs in his family and he mentioned his father was a dermatologist in town, so I turned to my husband and said, "hey Babe maybe you should go see him." Then I turned to my doctor and asked, "what's his name?" He gave me this funny look and said, "Dr. Eller." That, ladies, was one of my "duh Mandy" moments.

    Celebrity: Josh Duhamel

    Chocolate runs through my veins so it's important to keep stocked up :-D

    Cats? Susan rocks! 'Nuf said.

    In all seriousness, congratulations on making 100 followers.

  5. Count me in!!! I am sure that Punkin, Oliver and Charlotte will thank Susan profusely!!!

  6. I was just reading everyone's embarrassing bits, and I thought I would throw one in for the heck of it... This past weekend, I was working the Christmas Eve flight from somewhere to somewhere, and I spilled some water on the first class passenger in 1E, and as I grabbed a napkin from the tray I was carrying, I FLUNG strawberry jelly all over him! Needless to say, he was none to thrilled for me to serve the rest of breakfast....

    Celebrity crush? Ohhhh Matt Damon!!!!

    Why I deserve chocolate? Who DOESN'T deserve it! Who knows... Maybe some of it will end up in Oven Lovin Saturday!

  7. Hmmm...In the spirit of full disclosure, or the fact that's I'm always good for a laugh.

    Emabarrasing fact? I burp. Alot. Never used to. (Freakin reflux)

    Celebrity? Oooo...Gerard Butler! In 300. I went to see that movie on my birthday with my husband happily watching "beefcake" for 2 hours.

    Paul...I don't deserve the chocolate. In fact I will willing give up the chocolate to my DH simply cause he's a great guy. Like you MUST BE a great guy married to Carolyn Renee!

    Is that enough sucking up?

  8. Oh, I'm game to play along as well. Yeah, it is funny- you tell us we don't have to and we do anyway. Ha! That just proves how oppositional we all are.
    Hmm, embarassing... I got a new pair of pants and was wearing them to church. I had carefully removed all the tags... so I thought.. of course, all the tags except the large sticky one all down the leg that proudly proclaimed the size... over and over again.
    Celebrity- Ok.. I've got a thing for older men- Sean Connery! It's the voice.
    About chocolate- I've never met a chocolate I didn't like! Does that count??
    And as for cats. Like all cats, Spaz and Mandy are both cute, soft and cuddly- except when Spaz is shredding pattern pieces as I'm trying to pin them on the fabric. Then he is NOT cute.

    And I just hit 150 followers so I'll be having a giveaway of my own. But sorry- no chocolate.

  9. OK, so I'm your Sees-ter but I'm still a follower...RIGHT?!

    Embarrassing moment: ( hard to narrow it down to just ONE)
    I was living in our condo and one summer I had a small ant problem. They were coming up from around the floor boards in the kitchen. I remember talking to you on the phone about it and you asked me if I had any food left out in the kitchen. Looking around the counters and fridge I seen nothing out of the ordinary. Then you asked me where the cat food was. Of course I said "on the floor"...Duh?! Ants don't eat cat they?????

    Celebrity Crush: well Svengoolie of course!

    Why I deserve L&M Chocolates: I'm your one and only sister. Who would you make fun of for cutting and throwing away the "onion" part of the green onion because she didn't know better? And didn't know that you can make Mayo, and making dinner means throwing a Lean Cuisine in the microwave and yelling DINNER!

    And as far as making Susan feel special...I'll make sure I don't bring Memphis over next time so she won't have to fear getting eaten.

    Now you just tell little Rhiannon to pick her FAVORITE aunties name on New Years and I will give her a chocolate chip.

  10. Ok ok lessee...Sam Elliot! His voice his looks melt me. He had me at 'hello'.
    Um...I had a tooth pulled a few weeks ago and the tooth fairy never left me chocolate! Ya that's it.
    Embarrassing moment? Well I didn't loose my underpants ;-) Um I did walk into church with tp sticking outtah my shoe. Another time someone nicely mentioned a dryer sheet was sticking out of my pants in the back. At least I smelled good!
    Now I feel like a veil has been lifted lol!
    There how's that?
    "Hugs" (gottah brown nose ah bit)

  11. Celebrity - Kevin Costner...sigh...especially in Dances With Wolves!
    Why I deserve chocolate - Hey, my name is Candy for Pete's sake!!
    Something nice about cats - Actually I love cats and they know it and take full advantage! LOL!!
    Embarrasing moment - I was newly transplanted to Arizona and asked at work "What day is Cinco de Mayo this year?" Everyone got a REALLY big laugh out of that and then explained to me that Cinco de Mayo MEANS 5th of May!
    Please enter me for your lovely giveaway and congrats on 100 Followers! :)

  12. I enjoy this blog site so much-I guess that means I enjoy you--having been a goat mom and hoping to again in the future I can relate. I hope 3012 brings you 3x or more followers!

  13. Soory-I guess I have spastic fingers-I did mean 2012!

  14. I had fun just reading the comments on this one. As for cats, I made our cats catnip pillows yesterday. It was fun to watch them lick them, toss them, and rub on them. Congrats on 100 followers.

  15. Oh, my gawd, it was kismet that I checked your blog today!! Chocolate . . . mmmmmm . . . goooood chocolate . . . small, handmade batches of good chocolate . . . mmmmmmm. Okay, so for my comment? Hmmm, I'll try to cover ALL the bases! Just 'cause your bases were pretty fun!

    Something embarrassing: I passed my mother's shoe size (7) when I was in 2nd grade. Yes, that's right: second grade. And I was the tallest PERSON (girl OR boy) in my grade school when we left it in 6th grade.

    Lusty celebrity crushes? Sam Elliot. (His voice alone can put me over the edge!) Sean Connery. I would kiss his feet. Viggo Mortenson. Okay, I'll stop. Oh, and that young guy from 'Wanted'. James McAvoy. I had to Google that. Daniel Day-Lewis. Okay, I'll really stop now.

    WHY do I deserve the chocolate? Ummm, 'cause I've had a really shite past 18-24 months. But, before that, I really lead a blessed 38 years, so I really shouldn't complain! And, my 42 year old son didn't just shoot two people and then die of natural causes 12 days later. (As has just happened in our tiny little community.) UGH - TOO depressing! Sorry.

    And, let's see, something nice about cats. Jinx, the baby (and also black), and Dosie, the Dead Cat (the cat who I was supposed to put to sleep this past summer) are playing like maniacs, and that's SO fun to watch! Buuuut, I think maybe Jinx is a boy (STILL can't pick him/her up) . . . based on the way that Dosie was acting around him/her last night! (She wasn't fixed because of the vet saying I needed to put her down, natch!) Maybe that will please BOTH Susan, the cat, and Susan, the Great, over at e-i-e-i-omg! Ha!

    Okay, that's my comment. Long-winded that it is. I'll go read everyone else's now! :)

  16. Having read through all the other comments now - I *LOVE* that we all totally ignored you and answered your "not the real one" questions, anyway! Hahahahaha!

    And, so glad to see there are other brilliant people (I mean, followers) we love Sam Elliot & Sean Connery, too!!! ;)

  17. Duh . . . "who love" . . . not "we love". I'm leaving now.

  18. Another vote for Sean Connery! And that's all you're getting out of me. Wait, for chocolate? Ok- one embarrassing thing- wrong restroom (nuff said.) And that's all you're getting out of me. Wait, for chocolate? LOL

    PS: my cat says to tell Paul "hi"

  19. Weel I have to say Tom Selleck or Sam Elliot. Although since I dont have to mention them I will just say thanks for the chance to win & congrats on all your followers. the only reason I am a follower is because you have such an awesome blog.

  20. Well, I saw the title "CHOCOLATE!" and turned to my husband and said, oh I wish had some chocolate! So maybe I will! hehe... of course I always do what I am told... so no embarrassing stuff, celebrity crushes, and nothing about cats! Although I do deserve some chocolate. Why? To celebrate getting some cabinet space... (I'll post about it in my blog soon)

  21. Here kitty, kitty, :) love cats but really really love chocolates! Awesome give away to whoever wins!!

  22. awesome 100!! :)
    please enter me in your giveaway.

  23. Ok, you guys all rock! We're all a bunch of jabber jaws....I make it uber-simple to enter & you STILL give me all the what-for! It's great just reading the comments...although I have to admit, Mama Pea's made me split my sides, and not just because I did the EXACT same thing just earlier in the day!!

    Keep 'em coming, if you dare.

    Oh yeah, and add Sam Elliot to my list.

  24. I'm not even gonna comment about those "stretch pants" So what's a little more chocolate going to hurt huh?

    OMG, my verification word is squati... How did they know????

  25. I see it's 101 followers now. Congrats! I'm glad you got the stove in and set up. I can't wait to hear how warm you are now. It looks great!