Friday, December 9, 2011

Early Christmas!!

I’ve been the lucky recipient of not one, but two gifts:

I recently won giveaways from two great fellow bloggers; An exercise DVD from Julie over at Mooberry Farm and an Apron Pattern (sans ruffles) from Mama Pea at A Homegrown Journal .  Well, I’m assuming that the DVD is under all that pretty wrapping……I didn’t have the heart to tear into it just yet!
Thank you Julie & Mama Pea!  Your packages make me smile every time I look at them & I’m sure when I get around to making the Apron or sweating my bum off on the treadmill, I’ll be thinking of you both......or swearing at you both! :)
Last week I hinted about hosting another giveaway of my own, but I’m still waiting for that magic number 100!  When I get to One Hundred Followers on my blog, I’m going to let you all put your name in the virtual hat and I’m going to scientifically draw a number (or in other words, have Rhiannon stuff her sticky hand into a basket or bowl filled with entrant names) for a box of delicious, delectable, mouth-watering, chocolaty delights from Louisa's and Millie's Chocolates!
If you want to tease yourself and see what kind of goodies you could win, click on her link above and peruse their website featuring their Chocolate, Marshmallow, Nougat, Flavored Creams and Caramel goodness.  And try not to lick the screen.  Although if you do, at least wipe it off.
So come on all you lurking around the blog… on “Follow” and give everyone, including yourself, a chance to win some CHOCOLATES!!!


  1. Congratulations on your win! And yes, I'd definitely want to be in the running for chocolate!

  2. Congrats to you Carolyn, and on winning the apron pattern, too! I'm looking forward to your 100th follower announcement! :o)

  3. Can I follow you twice, or is that stalking?:-) Congratulations on your early Christmas! You are close to your goal - and put my name into your VERY generous and tempting giveaway...remember, Black Susan, meow, meow.

  4. I'll sign up again as a Follower if that will help? No, huh? Oh well.

    Once you get into your new video or apron pattern, go ahead and throw curses at Julie and me all you want. We have strong, broad shoulders and can take it! ;o}

    I made my Oatmeal-Raisin cookies this week, too!

  5. Congrats on winning some good loot! Looking forward to you reaching the 100 mark!