Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Chicken and Noodles

Julie over at Mooberry Farm posted a recipe for Chicken and Noodles using leftover chicken.  She's a woman after my own heart.....nothing goes to waste!

And that recipe had perfect timing as we also had roast chicken on Monday night so I had leftover chicken to use up on Tuesday.  Now that's "Leftover Chicken Blogging Recipes Serendipity" if I do say so myself!  (Hugh? Nevermind.)

So I grabbed my laptop with Julie's post on-screen & put it on the kitchen counter so I could start making supper.  Chicken, check!  Potatoes, check!  Carrots, check!  Celery, check!  Chicken bouillon cubes, check!  Egg noodles, uhm, not so much.

But wait!  She also included a link to her great-grandmother's recipe for homemade egg noodles! 

I LOVE egg noodles.  But I'm an egg noodle snob.  I don't care for the dried ones; I like the frozen noodles, which of course, are more expensive therefore I do not buy them often.  Actually, I think the only time I ever buy them is for Thanksgiving or Christmas (which we then smother in turkey gravy).

So this was going to be the day I made egg noodles for the first time.  And I can say two things about the actual process; they are darned sticky and I really, really want a pastry cloth!

I kneaded my dough on the countertop sprinkled with copious amounts of flour, but my fingers kept getting stuck together.  So I pulled what eggnoodlegoo I could off of them, washed my hands, then sprayed my hands with cooking spray.  Much nicer. 

And since I am horrible at rolling out dough from any recipe, I lightly sprayed my baking sheet & rolling pin with cooking spray & rolled the dough out on the pans instead of doing it on a floured countertop.  Cheating?  Possibly.  But it got the job done.  Sort of.

I had another hour until I had to start supper so I left the noodles on the baking sheet.  And the noodles dried a little bit on top, but not on the bottom so they kind'a stuck to the sheet.  So I basically had to coax each and every stinking egg noodle off the sheet, cussing after each pull.

So was it worth it?  Definitely!  I can now add "Egg Noodles" to the list of things that I will no longer buy from the store!

And here's the result of the Eggnoodlerama and accompanying recipe items:
As if there wern't enough carbs in the bowl, I added a slice of homemade bread.
Thanks for the inspiration Julie!

Recipe Notes: Technically, I did make two modifications from Julie's recipe. I didn't add the celery because it looked a bit past the "people-eating" stage, so it went into the chicken bucket, and I did add about a cup of leftover chicken gravy from last night's supper so I omitted the butter.  I also used Russet potatoes, which didn't hold up as well as a yellow or red potato would have, but I didn't have any.


  1. I am so going to try my hand at making egg noodles. Like you didn't like the dried ones and couldn't afford the frozen ones. Thanks!!

  2. I just made egg noodles the other day two and still have some in the freezer. I used the food processor and rolled them on a floured bread board,never had a sticky issue.

    Yours looks scrumptious. I will be getting some turkey from my MIL today leftover from a dinner...may just use up my noodles with it.

  3. Looks fabulous. I enjoy adding extra carbs as well and often eat chicken and noodles on top of a big scoop of mashed potatoes. MMMMmmmm! :o)

  4. I make homemade noodles every summer. I cut them with a pizza cutter on my table and let them air dry. Now I have my dehydrator, so I may try to dry them in that now. The food looks heavenly. Yum.

  5. Git yerself a pastry cloth gurl, I HIGHLY recommend it! Your chicken and noodles looks scrumptious and I like the extra carbs! :)

  6. You brave girl! When I could eat noodles, I would made them and put them through my pasta machine. There's another thing to add to your "I Need" list, along with your pastry cloth - which you can make, by the way. There really is nothing like homemade noodles or pasta. Nada. Nuttin.

  7. And it looks delicious!

    I love that nothing does go to waste with the chickens...old celery slop bucket-and in return egg for egg noodles!!


  8. Peggy, I swear, you won't want to go back to store-bought!

    gld, I'm just an iddiot when it comes to rolling out stuff...pie crust, sugar cookies, whatever. I'm hoping that a pastry cloth will help me in my future pastry endeavors.

    Mooberry, thanks again for the recipe....we're having leftover-leftovers again tonight! Yummy!

    Kristina, I also used the pizza cutter, much easier!

    Candy C., I know I saw a post recently that had a pastry cloth in it. Was that yours??

    Susan, I thought about the pasta attachment for my mixer....then though about how much more weight I would gain, so it's NOT coming home with me!

    Jennifer, yeah, I guess that IS a pretty good trade!