Friday, December 2, 2011

Nothin' but Time

I feel like my barn chores are soooo much easier lately.  The Cornish have been put in the freezer so I no longer have to worry about feeding / watering them or moving their pen.  The garden no longer needs watering or weeding.  And now I’m milking in the evenings instead of the morning.
For the past few weeks, I have been upping the milking time by a half-hour each day.  There are several reasons I’ve been doing so (and not just because I’m not a morning person!);
Rhiannon has been pretty insistent that she attend the morning milkings and barn chores.  But it’s just too cold early in the morning and I don’t want her freezing her little bum off.
I’m going to have to dry them up pretty soon and I figured that once they are used to evening milkings, I’ll go to every-other-day evening milkings and then stop altogether.
And I don’t like freezing cold early mornings much myself. 
The evening milkings seem to be much more laid back.  I’m not running around trying to let the chickens out, feed the chickens, water the goats/chickens, milk the goats, yell at Rhiannon to stop chasing the rooster, run the milk into the house to strain it, then get some breakfast into Rhiannon’s maw before she throws a fit. 

I just milk the goats & yell at Rhiannon to stop harassing the livestock.
Now that I’ve got all this “extra” time on my hands, I’ll use it for other things.  Like chipping ice out of the water buckets and hauling warm water to the critters (had to do that on Wednesday morning.  Boooo!).
Oh well.  It’s not like I’d do anything really constructive with the extra fifteen minutes other than browse the blogosphere.

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  1. Hey! Browsing the blogosphere IS constructive. Do you know how much I have learned from your blog??

    Ah, hauling water. Today was my first day for that. Stupid below freezing temps.

  2. Winter is supposed to be more laid back... enjoying the fruitage of your labor all spring and summer... oh I don't much like freezing weather, but it has now found us as well...

  3. The ducks are disgustipated because their bathtub is now retired for the winter. I have plugged in all my heated water buckets and am ready for action. My evening chores are very abbreviated - it's too dark to do anything useful, so I just throw hay at everyone and go inside. I guess there is an upside to this 4-hours-of-daylight thing.

  4. I am still a morning person with everything, but I am more relaxed about the time in the I milk around 8:30 AM.

  5. I dunno . . . everyone says winter is supposed to be a more laid-back relaxed time, but things take longer to do in the winter especially chores because of the cold temps, freezing water and all. Didja ever think how much time each day you spend putting on (and taking off) all the layers of winter clothing needed to go outside? Maybe if we just kept the temperature in the house cooler, I wouldn't have to take off my outside clothes. I could even sleep in them. Wow, I think I just discovered a way to save a lot of time in the winter!

  6. I really am a morning person but I do NOT like going down to milk in the dark or the cold! I now wait until the sun is *almost* up! :)