Monday, December 12, 2011

Round Toast

Being the non-conformist family that we are, I made some round bread this weekend:

It's a half-white & half-whole wheat sourdough bread.  Please don't ask me for the recipe though as I've become one of those annoying people that just add "a little of this and some of that".  Every loaf is unique - although not always a very good kind'a unique.

I like the round loaves.  It just looks, well, like fun!  And who couldn't use some fun in their day?


  1. You're really giving me a kick in the butt, aren't you? I've had a round loaf pan (glass baking tube actually) for years and have thought it would be so cool to make round loaves. Have I ever tried it? Nope. Time to get crackin', Mama Pea. (Your breakfast reminds me of a healthy McMuffin.)

  2. So, did you bake it in a coffee can? Do you have a "special" pan (please see comment above) for this round bread? Does it taste round? Looks delish!

  3. I love to make a round rustic loaf but I just form a ball of the dough and slide it on the pizza stone using the peel. I think yours looks delish! Even following a recipe, we think every loaf is a little different.

  4. I'm with Susan, did you use a coffee can?
    Hey, up to 97!! ;-)