Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Lost and Found

Outside Kitty made a break for it sometime yesterday afternoon.  One of the goats (Nettie, I suspect) managed to push in the wire to the kidding pen door where I had him trapped against his will safely contained and the cat obviously saw it's chance at freedom and left.

Nettie is beginning to be such a bugger.  She manages to open the back shed doors (latched, btw) and the chicken coop doors just because she can.  And she's also pushed in the wire on the little kidding pen so the chickens that go in there at night can get out before I open them up in the morning and end up pooping all over the barn floor.  I really need to get wooden slats up instead of just using the wire mesh.

Anyways....I went out last night to close up the chickens and do my crazy-cat-lady "meow-meow-kitty" to see if Outside Kitty was still hanging around and he didn't meow back nor show himself.  So I put the can of cat food right under the barn.  It was still there this morning.  So I'm a bit bummed about losing Outside Kitty, but I guess it just goes to show that some animals will not tolerate any infringement on their freedoms.  He had a warm, fluffy bed with two warm meals a day and still jumped at the chance to get out of there and out into the freezing wild.  Hopefully he'll come back soon and not harbor nasty feelings towards me.

Speaking of freezing, I've had to break out the big guns this morning:
Although it looks like a potential crime scene where I cracked a pooping
cat's head in with a meat tenderizer, it's just my ice chipping equipment.
My official ice chipping & skimming equipment.  It got down to nineteen degrees last night (yeah, yeah, I can see all you Northerners rolling your eyes) so I had a thick layer of ice to whack out of the water buckets.  The kitty litter scoop is for scooping out the floating ice.  For years I used my hands to skim the ice out. Duh.

But on a good note, look at what I found:
The "missing" first disk to the M.E.N. set!  Used, but still good!
Well, Paul was actually the one who found it.  So now who ever is so lucky as to win my Dark & Dreary Days Giveaway will have the complete set of Mother Earth News CD's.  If you haven't already entered, just click on the link and get your name in the hat!


  1. That photo of the scoop and tenderizer is priceless LOL!!!!

  2. I have been using my hand and it hurts! I have one pooper scooper for the chicken coops, I'm going to get another one now for the ice!!!! Thanks for the tip ☺

  3. Outside kitty may still come back - on his own terms. It is a nice, warm place after all (even with Nettie to contend with). I was forced to pull out my lighter this morning in order to open the gate closures. Geez. Shall I tell you what my morning temp was, Ms. Wimpy-poo? -5.

  4. We had rain and snow most of the day on the 1st and then it got down to 22, so I TOTALLY can sympathize with you! It was freaking cold when we went down to milk and feed the next morning and all the locks on the tack room were frozen! I love the pooper scooper idea for scooping out the ice, what a genius you are! :)
    I hope Outside Kitty comes back.

  5. I dunno, those ARE black leather gloves, which might indicate that you're trying not to leave any fingerprints at the scene of the crime. (Now I have to stop and catch my breath from the laughing you caused me at your comment on that picture!)

  6. Sending my sincere condolences . . . nineteen degrees for you IS really cold! Heck, we haven't even had much colder than that lately. Sixteen here this morning (Sunday) when we got up.