Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Oh sNOw!

Well, guess we couldn't expect to have NO snow the entire winter:

And as luck would have it, I was actually in town when it started.  So I had to drive home in it.  There must have been a quarter inch on the roads!  And my knuckles were white from gripping the steering wheel so tightly.

Now before all you "Oh, it's -10 below here today and we've got 3' of snow on the ground, but that's cool with us" people roll your eyes and give me a huffy "Pffft", let me mention that our "town" doesn't have snow plows.  If we're lucky, the county road grader will come down to plow if the snow get like, say, a foot deep and the road & bridge department has nothing better to do with their five graders and eleven-hundred-something miles of gravel roads to plow.  And you know that salt stuff that highway departments normally put out before and during a snow?  Not so much happening around here.  

I only had eight miles to get back home.  I was behind a person (handicap plates, btw, although around here you're more likely to see them than "normal" plates) that was having quite a time staying between the yellow and white lines.  I made sure I was WAY behind him/her because I didn't really want to have to slam on the brakes and end up skidding off the side of the road, rolling down the hill and crushing my skull against a large hickory and a boulder.

So on the way back home I stopped up by Ms. Melman again to top off the water bucket and fork out some more hay just in case I couldn't make it up the insanely steep hill with the vehicles.  Yes.  I've become a Snow-wimp.  But at least I didn't stop at the store for French Toast Fixin's (you know; milk, eggs & white bread).

The goats, who were kind'a nibbling on the n.s.g.h. (not so good hay), now refuse to touch it.  Because you know, it got some snow on it.  I swear I'm going to let them starve before I fork out any more hay for them.


  1. Snow melts into water that you will need to break the drought.

  2. Glad you made it home safely!
    I despise winter! My cheeks are dry and red from the cold wind and my feet and hands are always freezing. Spring can get her happy butt here any moment now!
    I bet your goaties will eat the n.s.g.h before they starve lol!

  3. You have all my sympathies on that icy stuff. I don't care where you live, driving on ice is NO FUN. It would be a lot easier if you were the only vehicle on the road (so you didn't have to worry about the other guy doing something dumb), but it still produces white knuckles and heart palpitations.

    Yep, goats can be the most finicky of eaters. If they had their way, nothing but the green-est, leafy-est, succulent third cutting hay would ever pass their lips.

  4. I'm glad you made it home in one piece. lol. My goats like weedy hay. Although, we don't feed them alfalfa. We are cheap skates. lol.

  5. I hate snow. It is like that around here too although we get cinders once in awhile from the roads dept. My husband and two other neighbors typically do our subdivision streets with plows on their four wheelers or tractors. I really watch the forecast before going out. If I have the Jeep, it's better.

  6. LOL that made me laugh about the plows because we don't have them either, they use front end loaders (with the teeth on the bucket) to do it, really good for our roads HA!

  7. Love the new blog look!! :)
    I just don't drive if there is snow. I'm not sure what I would have done in your case being already out though. Glad you made it home okay!

  8. Throw some shredded apples into it, might work?