Monday, January 28, 2013

Recycled hay

It was a beautiful and strangely wonderfully warm winter day on Saturday, the big red needle flirting with the 60 degree mark on the thermometer.  A great day to spend outside doing barn'ish stuff.

I put Nettie and Annette out on leads to munch on what's left of the green grass in the back yard.  I planned on giving the remaining penned goats some fresh hay, but first wanted to clean up their feeding area.  The frekking picky goats waste hay like it's nobody's business (well, except for mine as we're paying for all that wasted hay).  So every so often I have to clean out the area where I fork their breakfast / lunch / dinner and clean up the hay "unfit for caprine consumption".  I put it in one of the larger wheel barrows and wheel it around and into the goat / chicken area where I use it for bedding for the kidding pens and chicken coops.  Regardless to say, we've never been short on animal bedding.

As soon as I wheeled the barrow (?) into the goat pen, I was mobbed by Pickles, Chop Suey and Lily. Who thought that I had just brought them the most special, most delicious present in the world; hay worthy of their rumen.
No more than five minutes ago, this hay was not good enough for
them to eat.  Now it was suddenly delicious.  It's all in the marketing.
I left them with the wheelbarrow for the day.  When I went to put the chickens up for the night, Lily was laying in the wheelbarrow.  Probably pooping in it so as to really make it unfit for munching.  I don't think I could pull off another "recycling" of the hay after that.  Guess I'll have to really use it for bedding this time around.


  1. My daughter's horse is really happy, having grass to munch on yesterday too. Today, the snow is melting even more, so the goats should be happy too.

  2. LOL!! Sounds just like MY goats! We usually try feeding it to the horses if it isn't too yucky, otherwise the chickens get it.

  3. I have always found even the most basic meals look better on white plates LOL!

  4. Don't they just make you wanna tear your hair when they do things like that? (Gotta love 'em though.)