Thursday, January 31, 2013

Are you READY?

First and Last Frost Dates, by Hardiness Zone
USDA Hardiness ZoneFirst Frost DateLast Frost Date
1July 15thJune 15th
2August 15thMay 15th
3September 15thMay 15th
4September 15thMay 15th
5October 15thApril 15th
6October 15thApril 15th
7October 15thApril 15th
8November 15thMarch 15th
9December 15thFebruary 15th
10December 15thJanuary 31st (sometimes earlier)
11No frost.No frost.
Wait a second....where's your Zone, Mama Pea?  I don't see a -2 Zone listed in this chart.

Can you believe it?  It's time for me to start planning on where the heck I'm going to start my seedlings.  Paul put up a grow light under the counter top in the kitchen a few years ago, but I really need more room.  But I have no idea where I'm going to put the new lights and shelves.  The basement is much too cold as we don't have a wood stove down there and just about anyplace upstairs (other than the kitchen counter) is a cat / dog / toddler accident just waiting to happen.  Maybe in the bedroom and tell Paul he'll have to wear one of those sleeping masks at night?

Wow, seems like the winter is just flying by!  Time to start sorting out those seed, planning your garden beds and dreaming about that first homegrown, juicy tomato!

Speaking of time flying by, Kelly over at Happy Hollow Homestead is celebrating a full YEAR of blogging by having a cool giveaway.  Go check her out and enter to win a cool look'n tote bag!


  1. Holy crap, that is insane. According to your calculations, my last frost date has been moved up an entire month! Holy planting Batman!!!

  2. You know, i was wondering about that chart. I may have to look into a few other ones to compare. It didn't seem right to me, but I just flew through this post today and didn't do enough research I guess!

  3. Is this a new one? I know they revised the zones last year and we moved up half a zone. We're in 5 but I've always gone with the May 15th date. I can't imagine April 15th! Even last year when it was such an early spring we still got frosts in May. Hmm....

    1. It does seem odd. Will work on that soon. Really. Or you can all blame me when your seedlings bite the dust from an "early frost"!

    2. We judge by May as well, it's technically April but anyone in zone 5 near STL knows you better wait!

  4. Last frost date in the spring is May 15th?? HAHAHAHAHAHA! We have to wait until the second week in June to set out tender seedlings that have been hardened off, and that have been grown to a foot tall inside, under lights, and with night time protection. Okay, I'll stop now.

    I'm with you on where the heck did this winter go, I wanna know!? I'm digging in my heels and kicking and screaming, "Noooo! I don't want it to be spring yet! I still want my long, slow winter!"

  5. Spring! I'm ready!!!! Thanks for putting up a link to my giveaway ☺

  6. I do need to get some seedlings started if I'm going to have any tomatoes, peppers or eggplant this year. I TRY to wait until Mother's Day weekend to plant. That hardiness chart does seem to be a bit off! LOL!!
    P.S. NO, I'm NOT ready!!