Saturday, January 26, 2013

Where'd it all go?

Here is what's left of our wood pile.  Actually, it's even smaller than that as I took that picture two days ago.

When Paul first stacked all that firewood, there were four pallets full, all about 4' high.  I remember looking at the beautiful sight in the summer and thinking to myself that it would last forever.  Well, forever came early.  And it would have been even earlier had we not been having this warm weather (again) this winter.  We're supposed to have a high of almost 70 degrees on Tuesday.

It's not like we're out of wood.  There's still this:
And this:

But I just have to get my bum in gear and haul / stack the stuff nearer to the house.  And get some serious time on the log splitter.  Maybe when it's warm this week.  If I can resist the urge to plant something, that is.


  1. Carolyn,

    Now that's alot of wood! Is it going to be warm enough to get out there and stack wood closer to the house? It sure seem like it's getting colder.

  2. It's crazy how fast it goes, when I am finally able to use wood I will always try to remember that we need way more than we think. Have fun chopping :)

  3. Our pile is shrinking too. We did NOT do good this year at planning and building the wood pile so we had to buy, and by the looks of it we'll have to buy more since wood is out only source of I know we really need to make the wood pile a yearly goal so we are ready for next year.

  4. Whadda ya got going there? A full-scale logging operation? I say first of this coming week when you hit 70 degrees, put on your tank top, a pair of shorts, your steel-toed boots and get on that wood, Girl! (I LOVE working up wood. Can I come help?)

  5. Only reason I have any wood left of the 2 truck loads I bought is so many "no burn days" today is ok to burn so tonight instead of turning on the heater I will be burning all the accumulated junk mail and some of the wood tonight, but I only have enough left for a few days. Come on Pux Phil and tell us we will have an early and very looong spring.

  6. My first thought was "Uh-Oh" until you showed us your back-up stash! Get that wood split and stacked and DO NOT plant anything yet, it's still too early!!

  7. P.S. Do your cats snore? Bob cat is in the chair behind me and he is snoring up a storm! LOL!!

  8. Our stack has diminished greatly too. I'm back. Stop by sometime.

  9. Sandy, hopefully we'll bring the "new" wood back to the pallets. They're close enough to the house to not get all grumpy when one has to bring a load to the house, but far enough to not pose a huge fire-hazard.

    Erin, make sure you have twice what you think you need. Or in my case 3X what you think you need since I like it really, REALLY toasty in the house. Paul claims he's close to passing out it's so hot in here sometimes.

    Sadie, we're pretty lucky as we have acres of woods to work with, and Paul's been making pasture so our stack of felled trees will last us maybe another two years even if we don't cut another tree down.

    Mama Pea, if ONLY it were that nice out....crossing fingers for it, today was "supposed" to be nice, but it's drizzling out all day. Not going out in that to split wood. But if you'd like to come help, I'd be MORE than happy to reserve a seat for you on a stump (and provide all the cookies you care to eat!).

    Tombstone, A No Burn Day also included wood burning stoves or fireplaces?? I thought it was just for outdoor burning. But I suppose your climate / area is a bit different than ours.

    Candy C., no worries, still more wood, just needs more WORK! And yes, Crackers the grandmakitty snores. But nothing as badly as the new puppy. Wake the dead kinda snoring.

    Scott/Pam, Welcome back :)

  10. I love your new blog look! Kitties all the way!

    I can relate to the dwindling wood pile, LOL. We still have plenty, but a lot of it is green. We just got on it too late I'm afraid. Still enough to stay warm though. :)

  11. Good deal, I thought you were completely out! We need to get more stacked up too.