Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Gratuitous Pet Pictures

It's windy outside.  And cold.  Well, not Mama Pea & Susan kind'a cold, but cold enough that I don't want to spend much time outside other than to feed / water / check on the critters.

The wind is also freaking out the dogs, so they've been avoiding the outside elements and hanging out around the wood stove.
Slow-cooker Beagle.
I can't wait for the weather to warm up so I can keep the dogs outside.  Not only to keep some of the dog hair / mud out of the house, but because Charlie is the messiest drinker / eater.

Charlie makes up for the dry indoor air by drinking lots of water.  And slopping it everywhere.  After every drinking binge, I have to not only wipe his muzzle down (Rhiannon calls them "Sloppies"), but mop up the tile surrounding the water dish and occasionally empty the boot-tray-turned-water-recovery-system from the copious amounts of water that is sloshed and slopped directly around and within four feet of the bowl.  I hate, hate, HATE Charlie's Sloppies.  Makes me want to gag.

Outside Kitty is hunkered down on the back deck and occasionally has staring contests with Susan through the window.  Evil Kitty absolutely hates Outside Kitty and she does the archy-back, Ffftttt-fffttttt-ffffttttthhhh thing when she sees him.
Outside Kitty getting a snack of warm milk.
Would you just look at those pumpkin-orange eyes!  

Evil Kitty supervising my blog photo insertions.

Crackers on her pillow.
Couldn't care less who or what's outside.
Black Susan contemplating her next nap.


  1. Welcome to life with a mastiff! My Dane, Riley, used to sit just outside the dining area and watch me eat. The drool would stream down both sides of his sloppies. It was life-threatening, if you happened to forget to mop it up and hit it on the run. Chinese splits are alien to this old body.

  2. It's windy and cold here today too, it sucks outside!!!! Your critters have the right idea, well except outdoor kitty!
    The hubs is bringing home a feral piglet today. I remembered how you and I were wanting Spring pigs. I'm not too sure about a wild one :/ Seems like it would be easier to spend a day hunting an adult than raising a baby. Also not sure if we are up for the task right now, it has to be bottle fed for awhile. We'll see. It's not even here yet and I'm a sucker for babies, so I'll probally keep the darn thing!

  3. What a menagerie! Don't cha just love the interaction between all of them?

    Gonna go put on four or so layers now and hike out to get the mail. It shouldn't be that cold out because the thermometer actually says 29 degrees but we have no sun and it's been a dismal gray all day. Big snow south of us but not a flake here.

  4. Our last dog had that problem... we always had a "floor towel" to mop with my feet LOL. I love the names of the cats, when I was growing up we had Blackie, Whitey, Patchy, Bad Kitty, One Eye... heehee great minds...!

  5. Oh girl you have me laughing so of Charlies sloppies :-)

  6. Carolyn,

    OMG,you need a drool catcher!!!!

    My Great Dane (years ago) would drink then shake his head from side to side slinging his drool all over. It would gross me out. I would have to go with a cloth and a spray bottle of chlorox water and spray down the walls.

  7. Eewwww. You win the gross animal habits contest today. :)

  8. My oldest daughter's Mastiff, Bentley, drools the minute he knows food is coming, and of course after drinking, water is everywhere, because he stores it up. Mason, my youngest daughter's Mastiff/Coon Hound, drools pretty much 24/7. But they are both so sweep, it makes up for it.

  9. I can't wait for warm weather either- 2 shedding beagles :)

  10. Love, love, love gratuitous pet pictures!! :)