Monday, March 4, 2013


Well, since Miss Crabby Pants Sleepy Puss doesn't want to participate in the drawing for the note cards, I did a Random Number Generator thingy on the computer just now and the winning numbers were 3 and 2.

So just who was in those number spots you ask?  Well, I'll tell ya!  (As soon as I go back to the post and figure it out myself....brb!)

Number two (not like #2 in, well, you know, but the actual numeral) is Mama Pea!  Congrats!

It seems that number three is Susan, but she didn't want to participate so it looks like I have to go back to the number generator thingy AGAIN (heavy sighing.....Susan is soooo difficult.  brb....again).

Number 4!  (once again, have to go back to the post to look)

It's Kristina!!!

Congratulations to the both of you!  Just shoot me your email at carolynrenee at centurytel dot net and I'll get the cards out to you asap.

Thanks to everyone who joined in the Monthly Letter Writing Challenge and lets keep those mailboxes full of good mail!


  1. I must have missed that one :/ Congrats Ladies!!!
    How is butt watch 2013 going? I miscalculated our due date by a whole month! What the heck is wrong with me!?!? Her hoo hoo is puffing up so we are getting closer! I dreamt last night that she had twins a boy and a girl ☺

  2. OH my GOSH! Woo Hoo! Thank you! You made my day!

  3. Yay, Congratulations to Mama Pea and Kristina!!!

  4. Yayyy! I tried to jump up in celebration like the cat in the picture but I think I pulled something that hasn't been pulled in years. Maybe if I sit and write some letters (on my new stationery!) I will heal and feel better.

    Thanks for the fun give-a-way and idea. I've been making my list of people I want to drop a handwritten note to!

  5. Congratulations, Mama Pea and Kristina! And I LIKE being a pain - because it's all about ME! (Keep the juju going, Black Susan...)

  6. Where on earth do you get these pictures CR? Thanks for the laugh! I needed it.

    Oh yeah... Congrats to the winners