Saturday, March 16, 2013

Who says I'm an old-fashioned wife?

I went into town this afternoon and picked up a case of beer and a few hot chicks for my husband:

Our local feed store had "Chicks are Here!" up on their marquee for over two weeks now.  Goodness knows we don't need any more layers (I think we've got thirty hens right now) and it seems as we just finished butchering the last batch of creepy meats.  But this afternoon I went to the feed store to get some chicken and goat food (imagine that, thirty-plus chickens and nine goats) and I asked to see what chicks they had left.  You know, because Rhiannon loves seeing the baby chicks.  

There were about a dozen layer pullets, almost two hundred RIR & Buff cockerels and seven plump lonely little two & a half week old Cornish Crosses.  So the nice man put the bunch of cornish birds in a box for me Rhiannon.  He also wanted to know if we wanted a "great deal" on the remaining cockerels, but I had to say no.  Believe me, I though about it, but the fact that we don't have any room in the barn made it pretty hard for me to come up with an excuse to Paul as to why I had two hundred male egg-layer breed birds in the car.

The weather has been really warm the past few days and today was in the mid to upper 70's so the chicks were actually panting when I opened the box once we got home.  They aren't quite big enough to have to forgo the heat lamp when it gets into the 40's at night, so I'll have to hook that up.

I've been actually thinking about doing our future meat bird purchases like this.  Meaning waiting until the birds were older and then buying them.  I figured I just saved myself two & a half weeks of feeding and watering the chicks!  I know that we may not always get as many as we want, or even any at all if the feed store sells out quickly, but we could still order from a hatchery if there were none available.

Paul had mentioned wanting some "game hen" sized birds this time, so we actually won't be having to care for these guys for more than a month before it's time to butcher them.  I go back & forth about just growing the creepy meats to game hen size because in my mind, it's just less chicken dinner for us.  But I really do love the sight of an entire roasted mini-chicken on everyone's plate.  Pictures to follow in about four weeks!

Paul's Take
No.  No I will not pose for a picture of me drinking beer with poultry.  And did you have to advertise that you buy me cheap beer?


  1. Beer comment is really funny, next time buy one bottle of Corona for pictures, LOL.

  2. Hey, if your husband likes and will drink the cheap beer, you're far ahead of our household!

    I, too, love the looks of "game hens" on individual plates. Glad to see you passed on all those little rooster boys. What would anyone do with that many roosters other than butcher them for (not that much) meat?

  3. Laughing at this. I keep saying we're going to try "Creepy meats" but I keep putting it off... too creepy.

  4. Milwaukee's Best Rules! You GO Paul!

  5. This is too funny, there ain't nothin' wrong with cheap beer!
    Congrats on the baby chicks!
    Is that a rainbow, pop tart kitty in your background? My girls love it!

  6. LOL! So funny, regarding Paul's take on this post.

  7. Tombstone, good idea! Except then Paul will want me to keep buying the expensive stuff!

    Mama Pea, well, he drinks the cheap stuff....but doesn't exactly "like" it. I know, I'm horrible for buying him crappy beer. As for the egg-layer breed roosters? I have no idea what one would do with them. Unless you had an unlimited amount of free or darned near free feed for them, it doesn't seem like they'd "pay" off.

    Mary Ann, yes they're creepy and lazy and sloth-like and will eat you out of house & home....but...what other chicken can you butcher at 7 weeks? The less time I spend caring & feeding them, the better! You really should try them. Oh, and they are YUMMY!

    Tami, Poor, poor Paul :)

    Kelly, Yes, that's a Poptart kitty with a rainbow coming out of it's butt. Somebody in a previous post recognized it but I don't remember what it was called. I just saw it and squeed with delight!!

    Kristina, My husband is so abused :)

  8. Butchering time will be so much easier! Just 7!

  9. Good idea only feeding them up to "game hen" size. You'll have to show us one all roasted up for dinner!
    Paul's comments always crack me up! :)

  10. We've bought plenty of Milwaukee's Best over the years! No problem with that.