Monday, December 2, 2013

Anybody seen my Muse?

I looked over at my Blog Archive on the side of the screen and there is a paltry eight entries for the entire month of November.

Wow.  Pretty pathetic.  Especially since I had considered doing my first NaNoWriMo (for like only two seconds, but still it did cross my mine).  I only managed to crank out eight piddly blog posts for November, what in the world was I thinking that I would start up again on my uhm, "novel"?

Anyhow, I have several post-worthy ideas and farm'ish happenings around here that I could have published, but never got more than a few sentences into it and the inspiration just left me.  We only had family here for four days for the Thanksgiving holiday, so it's not like I can blame them for my lack of blogging.  Most of my favorite blogs were even neglected (sorry gals/guys, still luv ya!).  I think I even went four or five days without checking my email.  Remember when you liked to get an email message?  Now I almost dread opening my email account and it's not like I have tons of spam or anything.

I actually thought (again, for only like two seconds) that maybe it was time to get rid of the internet at the house.  I'm sure Paul would be thrilled.  I could still get online at the library & do at least one post a week, but then Rhiannon wouldn't be able to get on her Starfall website (which she does use several times a week) and I know that the second I pulled the internet-plug, I'd get hives or start shaking because I would suddenly need to look up something online.

But I think I just needed a little break from the computer.  Or not.
Nope.  No inspiration in here.
Somebody give Thalia my email address, will ya?  I need some creative stimulus.  With a smidgen of smartassness thrown in for good measure.


  1. I think we all have a bit of slumpitis going on. And I think that for some, keeping up on FB AND blogging is a challenge. As far as a muse? Even your most mundane goings on are formidable posting material!

  2. It's the time of year, m'dear, it's the time of year. I think we're all a little run-over from summer just ending (well, it seems like it just ended) and the thought of the holidays coming on us like a freight train. Add in the fact that we have only approximately 4-1/2 hours of daylight each day (!) and we all could use a rest from not only the Internet but life in general. After we get the rest, I hope somebody throws in some really big pep pills, too.

  3. I 've got little or nothing to say either lately. Now that my family demanded to be my Friend on Facebook, which Blogger feeds to, I can't even show what projects I'm working on because it's their gifts! Something will come up.

  4. Not much going on here right now. In fact, rather boring I'd say.