Friday, December 20, 2013

Gourmet Dinner with a dash of Hillbilly

Thursday night I finally took the sea scallops that Mom gave me (like four months ago) out of the freezer.  Friday night I planned on making broiled scallops and spaghetti with an Alfredo sauce and garlic breadsticks.

When I was making the Alfredo'ish sauce I used garlic, butter, Parmesan cheese, goat cheese, and goat cream I had skimmed from milk earlier in the year and put into the freezer.  After I poured the cream in the saucepan, I had suddenly realized that I wasn't exactly sure if that was cream........or colostrum!  Given the bright white color of the cream-in-question, I'm pretty sure it wasn't the colostrum.  But heck, even if it was, the sauce turned out beautifully!  And I'd be willing to bet that there's some hoity-toity French restaurant charging an insane amount of money for a plate of something-or-other smothered in "premiere lait du chevre" sauce anyhow.

But I'm pretty sure that same restaurant isn't pairing that dish with breadsticks made from split hot dog buns.  Yup.  I totally forgot to make the bread.  And since there wasn't quite enough carbohydrates in that meal, I grabbed a few frozen hot dog buns, split 'em open, slathered them with butter, sprinkled garlic salt and Parmesan cheese on top & popped them in the broiler.  Instant Hillbilly breadsticks!

Take that, Monsieur Fantaisie Pantalon!


  1. I use to make those hillbilly breadsticks all the time!!! Hehehe

  2. We have a large Scandinavian population in our area and although I can't remember the name of the dish (if I recall correctly it's like a pudding), many folks traditionally make it whenever they can get colostrum for it . . . as it MUST be made with colostrum!

  3. Ha ha! Love it! My Mom used to butter buns and toast them in a skillet, then slice hotdogs and cook them in a skillet. Yum (and naughty too)!

  4. Country folks are true gourmets ;)

  5. THOSE are my garlic breadsticks ! How dare you steal my idea! But the colostrum sauce? Fabulous. I'll let you keep the patent for that one.