Sunday, July 27, 2014

Heat must be frying my brain

It seems as if there is a direct correlation between 100-degree temperatures outside and the desire for me to make soup.  I mean, I have cravings for soups in the winter when it's more "normal" to be wanting hot bowl of soup, but what neurological short-circuit causes me to want to make the kitchen even hotter than it is already?  So yesterday afternoon, when it was 101, I made split pea soup.

But what's even more peculiar is that when I went to search for the recipe on my blog (yes, one day I will write it down and put it in my recipe box), I noticed that the date was almost two years ago (two years and two days to be exact) that I had the same exact urge, on a 102-degree day.

Had I not been such a sloth, I would have collected firewood and started a fire in the grill and cooked the soup over that, but instead I just put the pot o' split pea soup fixings on the stove in the kitchen.  I can't wait until we get the outside kitchen finished and I can use the wood cookstove when these wacky urges come up.

In the meantime, I'm going to eat my way though the split pea soup and hope that I can contain my desire for making a creamy wild rice soup.  Or at least wait until the weather is in the lower 90's.


  1. Well, at least you didn't make an oven meal that had to bake for an hour or so. That probably would/could have made your house even a little warmer! We've been out of cookies for about a week now and my cookie munching husband is getting a little cranky. But even with our much-cooler-than-your temperatures I can't bring myself to light the oven to bake cookies. Hang in there, friend. Winter time is a'comin'!

  2. Do you have a crock pot? Those are great for soups. There are lots at thrift stores if you want to save some $$$...

  3. Just a thought, maybe you are craving the water in the soup. The drinking of the salt and vitamins? Could you be dehydrated? Just a thought.