Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Payoff of Sausage Making

Several weeks ago Paul and I started mixing up the ground pork in to various sausage mixtures.  And then his brother came in for a visit so I had them stuff the sausage mixes into casings so we could actually eat them like "proper" sausages.  We sampled some that day, of course, but the rest went into the freezer for future meals.

Yesterday morning I took out a five pack hank of Italian sausage to defrost and last night I broiled them and then cut up some fresh green peppers (thanks, Ma!), onions, garlic, opened a can of diced tomatoes (yes, I know I should have fresh but mine aren't putt'n out yet and I'm not buying grocery store ones), grabbed some fresh oregano, chives and basil from my herb garden and sauteed everything together.  Plopped the cooked sausages into the vegetable mixture to warm it up and Ta Da!

It would have gone great with some fresh Italian bread with olive oil, but alas, I was forgot until it was too late.  Next time.

Anyways, it really was a simple, but great supper.  And if I weren't such a lazy sloth of a woman, all those fixings could have come right from the garden.  But still, everything but the onions (Georgia Vidalia....yum!!), the garlic (not sure from where) and the salt were local.

Are you eating out of your garden yet?


  1. Next time you make that dish, cook up a pot of polenta(corn meal). I serve the sausage and veggies over the polenta.

  2. I am very late with my garden stuff. I do have onions, could have cheese peppers and dod have beautiful haricot vert green beans.

    Your dish looks very good.

  3. Right now I am at the bolting-lettuce-not-quite-anything-else stage. It's frustrating. How do you like your homemade Italian sausage - bet it's fabulous! Is Paul ready for a pig or two??

  4. That looks super yummy! Only thing from our garden so far is lettuce and all kinds of salad greens, scallions, parsley and the strawberries are just starting.

  5. That looks good as is.If any were left slice the sausage and serve over pasta with toasted garlic bread