Monday, October 20, 2014

Fungi Munchie - Coral Mushrooms

My Ag teacher friend and I went to a goat parasite seminar last week.  Since it wasn't really a kid-friendly thing, we figured it was safe enough to let the husbands watch Rhiannon while we were away viewing a Power Point presentation on goat poop.

Before the goat seminar (which pretty much sucked), we had supper at their house which included beef stew, rolls and fried mushrooms.  But not any ol' mushroom.  Wild Coral mushrooms!

Aaron (Ag teacher's husband) has this uncanny knack for finding mushrooms.  Like, he'll be driving down the road at 50 mph and spy a patch of morels growing in the ditch.  A recent find included two huge zippy bags filled with these babies:

Some of which he drenched in a seasoned flour mixture and fried up for supper, and some of which came home with us.  I've already sauteed a bunch of them in butter (and ate all by myself) and there are still a few left that have to be cooked today or they'll end up in the compost pile.  Maybe atop a grilled venison burger......Mmmmmm.  

It's too bad that I don't have an "expert" mushroom person around here.  Although we don't seem to have any morel or coral mushrooms on our place, we do have an overabundance of what I think are honey mushrooms.  Unfortunately, they have a poisonous look-alike; Jack-O-Lantern mushrooms.  And the fact that these mushrooms are causing a lot of our oak trees to die is another bummer.  So we have mushrooms...but none that we want.  

I'm going to take Rhiannon for a little hike later on and see if we can find any edible munchies out in the woods.  And I might even take the rifle with in case we go from searching for herbivore munchies to stumbling upon some carnivore munchies.


  1. I am not sure I would want to spend any time in a seminar on Goat Poop! Don't get me wrong I do appreciate seeing healthy goat poop but anything past a couple minutes I am lost!
    Always awesome to eat coral mushrooms...brings back memories of my dad...pleasant memories....thanks

  2. I love mushrooms but do NOT know anything about gathering the wild ones. You really do need to find an expert to go along with . . . and take careful notes, I think!

    We sure are needing "protection" when hiking in our woods lately. Bear and timber wolves are way too common. (But I suppose they're saying the same about us.)

  3. I'm dying to go foraging. The hubs doesn't want me out there scaring off the deer :/ I went hunting with him the other day and found numerous patches of plants that I would love to identify. Also had some coyote scat in the yard that was FULL of persimmons and I haven't seen any persimmons around her. I would love to find them. Screw the hubs! I'm going foraging!!!!!!