Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Why wasn't I informed about this?!

Bruce Jenner is seen wearing nail polish.  House of Cards actress dies.

Why are THESE things popping up in my "News" section (who is Jenner and what is House of Cards anyhow??) but there's not a single mention of it being NATIONAL CAT DAY ?!?

Had I known earlier and I would have made catnip cookies or something.

So here's a toast to all you cat lovers out there (and all you closet cat lovers) and your feline companions; those who have left pawprints on our hearts, those that have moved on to their next kitty adventure, and to those bundles of fur still with us, shedding hair onto our supper plates and purring their way into our lives.

And trust me, you've GOT to watch THIS cat commercial.  I've watched it fifteen times already and it just doesn't get old.

Have a Meow-meow-meow evening!


  1. I was already smiling at the ready to party pic but that video is a riot! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Try this commercial- Cats with Thumbs

  3. My kids knew it was cat day, but I did not. Ha! they got extra treats.

  4. Why, I thought the entire thing was your idea! I hugged (Once)Slim whether he liked it or not.

  5. Thanks! I gave my cat an extra paper bag to play in :) She rocked it...

  6. ROFL, the video is too much!!!