Saturday, February 26, 2011

A Chicken WHAT?

There’s a contest going on right now over at Mandy’s Rabbit Ranch for a Chicken Saddle.  Click "Here" to go to her blog.  For those of you non-chicken fanciers, it’s a little jacket for the backs of chickens.  Not to keep warm, but to keep the toenails & spurs of the rooster from tearing up their back when he’s breeding them.
This hen is getting a bit too much Rooster luv'n.

I’m sure all you non-farm folks are saying “ewwwww” right about now.  But just think, you can use this little bit of trivial information to win a bet one day while out drinking with your friends.
Go check out her blog & enter your chicken picture.  Here’s my entry:
The girls gossiping at the water cooler.


  1. Oh, I actually laughed at the water cooler bit that was perfect!

  2. Nickie, I gott'a get a T-shirt made that says that!

    Mandy, I swear they were making soft clucking noises like they were talking.

  3. Hey, I know what a chicken saddle is!!!! One of my hens, Lucy, is wearing one right now! :-)

  4. Really? A chicken saddle? And here I thought my partner knew everything there was to know about chickens. We currently are roosterless, but should another appear, we may have to invest in these clever saddles.

    Thanks for teaching me something new!