Monday, February 28, 2011

If it isn't one thing, it's a 4.7

I was wanting to scrape another section of yard in order to start another garden spot, but it’s really soggy out there after the storm last night.  It was a doozy too.  I love thunderstorms, especially at night when you can see the lightning flash across the sky.  But like most storms, strong winds came with it, and that I don’t so much like.  I’m paranoid of tornados.  If there’s a storm coming, I’ve got the real-time radar on my laptop on until it’s over.
As if a nasty thunderstorm weren’t enough, I felt my first earthquake last night.  I was up late (watching the radar map) and around 11 o’clock I heard rattling & felt the house shake.  I kind’a sat there for a second or two then got up to see what was making noise.  I have a wall-mounted clock that has three glass shelves inside for knick-knacks and they were rattling.  I just sat there staring at them thinking, what the heak?  I put my hand on the wall & felt it vibrating.  Then my heart dropped as I thought it was a tornado’s first blast at the house.  But there was no wind; the storm was still about an hour away (I just love that radar website!).  After a minute I put two & two together and figured it was an earthquake.  Checked the website & confirmed my suspicion.  A 4.7 quake hit central Arkansas, with several other aftershocks.  Guess there’s a fault down there that’s been pretty active lately.  Nothing big enough to do much damage, but still kind’a freaky.  Last night’s quake was the largest since 1969.  I figured if we ever felt earthquake tremors, it would be from The New Madrid Fault.  But alas, I now have two fault lines that are within my home range.  Something new to worry about. 

I wonder how many people called their insurance companies today to see if they were covered for earthquake damage.  I know earthquake insurance was an “adder” for our homeowner’s policy, and we don’t have it. 
Maybe I’ll call our insurance company in a few days (after the initial flood of calls subside) to see what it would cost.  You know, just because I’m curious. 
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  1. I am right there with you on the fear of tornados. We had one go through here when I was a kid, now every bad storm has me planning an escape into the fruit cellar. Hate, hate, hate high winds. Arkansas has been having a terrible time with the earthquakes. Scary.

  2. We lived in Indiana for 4 years and had a tornado touch down near our house. I am deathly afraid of those too!! I grew up in Oregon where they never have them!!