Saturday, February 12, 2011

Good Kitty, Bad Egg

I had almost given up on having the stray cat (Missing Barn Kitty) as an addition to our farm.  He hadn't been coming around during feeding time and after a full week of not seeing him or finding the food dish still full in the morning, I figured he found a better place to hang out. 

Monday night I took the truck up to feed / water the equines and on my way back home I saw a cat run across the dirt road about a 1/2 mile from our place.  I thought it looked like BK (Barn Kitty), but it could have just been wishful thinking.  Just for the heak of it, I put out some cat food by the barn again.  The next morning it was gone.  Yes, I know that there are plenty of nocturnal fuzzy creatures that can eat the cat food, but I was still hoping that it was him.

After evening barn chores on Tuesday, I did my crazy-cat-lady "Meow-meow here kitty-kitty-kitty" and put some more food out.  This time I saw him in the woods and he came trotting up to about 20' from his feeding spot.  He doesn't let me get near him, but at least he comes out while I'm there.

Last night I went out a bit later than usual to close up the chicken coop & feed BK.  When I called him for supper, he actually meowed back to me!  So we had a short conversation and I left him to finish his supper in peace.  I may try going out there earlier tonight and sit down near his food to see if he'll let me get a little closer.

The eggs have been in the incubator for a week now.   I candled all thirty of them and twelve of them were duds.  Being ever hopeful, I put them all back in the incubator.  But only because I had a hard time telling the good from the bad.  I had thought that by now there would be more "stuff" going on in there, but there was just a faint blood vein visible in the good ones.  So I'll wait another week, candle them again, then take the duds out of the incubator. 


  1. Our cat KiKi and I have back and forth meowing conversations usually when I'm in the shower. I think he likes the echo. (grin)

  2. I had a cat named Cheese that would desperately meow & meow & MEOW at me anytime I went in the shower or took a bath. I swear she was saying, "For goodness sakes get OUT of there, it's WATER!"

  3. I can ship you a few cats if you need them!

    11 at last count! DH is a cat whisperer. All are neutered but the last 4 and you can't catch them.

  4. My main concern - besides BK getting eaten by an owl or coyote at night - is getting him/her fixed. I kind'a kicked myself for not taking him into the vet when I had him in the trap, but he was so very, VERY crazy-insane I'm afraid the vet would have suggested putting him down since he was so feral.

    I like the idea of a barn cat, but I still worry about my two other indoor/outdoor cats getting in fights with any strictly outdoor barn cats.