Sunday, February 27, 2011

How it really is

Paul reads most, if not all, of my blogs.  I’m pretty sure it’s not because he’s particularly interested in the inner-workings and thoughts of my homesteading misadventures, but because he’s making sure I don’t divulge information too confidential or somehow incriminating.  He feels very strongly about practicing good OPSEC and I’m sure it drives him crazy that I’m blogging in the first place.   Well, it was either this blog or paying for a therapist.  The blog is free.
Anyways, he will occasionally comment on a blog I posted.  And the reoccurring theme of his comments (besides wanting me to shut my yap) is that he wants to know when I’m going to tell things how they really are.  Not that I’m lying to my readers or anything, but he thinks I tend to dwell on the “nice” things that happen around here and either inadvertently or purposely omit the “not so nice” things……usually having to do with the stuff he has to deal with because of my homesteading urges.
So in order to give things here a more diverse perspective, I will occasionally add a blurb at the end of my blog post entitled “Paul’s Take". 
Hopefully it won’t discourage anyone from reading as he does tend to get pretty grumpy when I do certain (ok, most) things.  We’ll see how it goes.


  1. I am on Paul's side in this one!

    So many people think it is paradise living in the country, on a small acreage or a farm and having animals of all kinds.

    I tell the good, the bad, and the ugly on my blog. Like last spring when we lost 3 baby calves to something that left half eaten carcasses, or the dog eating three of my chickens, the snake getting the eggs, the cows that have to have their babies pulled....drought, high price of feed.....and the years the garden just doesn't do well, or cows get into the garden and eat nothing but the sweet corn! or the Japanese Beetles arrive by the millions and eat the peaches and blackberries............egads, now I am depressed!

    Well, I could go on, but you get the idea.

    I still love each and every day and know we are blessed to live the way we both want to live.

  2. Could you please tell me what OPSEC means? I am out of the loop of abbreviation speaking.

  3. Sorry Jane!
    OPSEC is an acronym for Operations Security. Basically it means to be aware of what information you divulge & to whom as even though it could be "harmless" information, it could be used by others in ways you wouldn't want it to be used.

  4. The things I enjoy the most readng your blog is it shows how much work and effort to try and be self-reliant. Gardens are a lot of work but nothing like the attention and healthcare animals need.
    I am looking forward to Paul's comments as he stays in the background but he does mountains of work to keep the place going. Some of the things he could help me with are the tools used in tilling the garden, bug sprays, fertilizers, etc.

    Thanks for sharing your experiances!

  5. Well Mike, I'd have to say that I personally find taking care of the animals easier than having a garden. I am HORRIBLE at keeping up with the weeds & I have a less-than-green thumb. I guess it's all just a mindset.

    I'll ask Paul to chime in about the "manly" stuff. BTW, "Pauls Take" is actually written by me, but he does read it and although he didn't disagree with what I said, he claims that I'm being a bit facetious & sarcastic. Which may be a "little" true. But not much.

  6. I am really enjoying your blog. I love that you don't sugar coat stuff. I also love that you are including your hubby's take on things!! That's team work!!