Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Catching Up, Part One

Wow.  There are like a million things I need / want to post about, but I've been busy!  Really, I have!

I know I hinted that there would be a post on the illumination of the chicken coop, but since Paul did
most all of the work involved in that project, I was hoping to get him to write about it (or at least have him tell me what he did so I could then write about it).  And since that hasn't happened yet, the post will have to wait.  I'll try cornering him tonight during supper and get the details.

I've also been working on "first" project the past two weeks.  And I'm dying to show you all the progress, but since it's a birthday gift for a friend (and looks like it's going to be a slightly-belated gift at that), I can't show you quite yet!  But I wanted to let you know that "I know something you don't know" and tease you just a little about it.  Ha.

Then I've been trying to do work outside since the weather has been so nice.  You know, like raking leaves, cleaning out the garden and burning brush.....things that should have been done like three months ago.  I'm a procrastinator.  Big time.

But here are the things I need to post so I don't forget about them.  Forgive me for lumping them all in one blog post, but I need to get 'er done or it'll never get done!

I've been recently awarded the
Liebster Award from Pioneer Preppy over at Small Holding.
Although I like to think of our family as being of the "Prepared" or "Preparing to be Prepared" kind of folk, this guy has it down to a science.  He does a regular posting on how it really is in his neck of the woods, has product reviews for electronic-y things (which I know nothing of), but also raises bees; how's the for diversification?  And for goodness sakes, he's got a Prep Level Chart that includes "Zombies inside the wire".  Oh, and you got to scroll down to the bottom of his blog page; there's a great kitty picture!

The Liebster Award is one of those Pass it On kind of awards.  Here are the details in a microscopic nut shell: Pass it on to five other deserving (exactly what "deserving" means is up to you I suppose) bloggers, linking their blogs on your page.  They will then in turn pass it on to five more bloggers and the vicious cycle continues.  Although I tend to view things like this as a blogosphere chain letter, it is a great way to find other blogs out there (and add to my mile-long list of followed blogs!).

And to think that "The Lieb" was only one of two internet-bloggy-award-thingies I was the recipient of this week, the other being one new to me:

This one was bestowed upon me by the SciFiChick over at Bacon & Eggs.  She's a fellow Liberty Loving, Gadsden-Flag-Waving prepper and just moved to her own little slice of heaven.

And since I'm lazy as a sloth running out of time before Rhiannon pulls me from the computer, I'm going to just let you go over there (by clicking on her link) to find out all the nitty-gritty on that award.  Basically same "rules" as the Liebster Award.  Pass it on.  Spread the Award Wealth, and get some of those little-known blogs some more followers!

Being a
lazy sloth busy person today, I'm going to consolidate both awards into one award.  Am I cheating?  Probably.  But you know what?  This is my blog and I can do whatever I damned please.  Besides, it's not like the Liebster or B.A.D police are going to come after me.  Or will they??? (OMG, are those awards really computer-tracking viruses???  Paul's gonn'a KILL me!)

So here are five bloggers 
that I'm going to pass on the double-awards to and that I'd think you'd like to meet:

Yukon Mike at Living Prepared
Hoosier Girl over at Blessed Little Homestead Life
Lisa at Ewe's Crazy & So is I!
Tom with his Worms-a-Crawling Farm
Sharon at Fitzgerald's Family Farm

And to those five I just spammed nominated, please don't feel like you absolutely must continue the awards.  You won't run into bad luck for five years if you don't keep the award going.  And you won't get free money from Bill Gates if you do pass it along.  And we'll still keep you on our "Follow" list, regardless of your decision to perpetuate the cyber-spreading of the awards.

There are other bloggers I'd highly recommend, but some I've already passed on awards to and some of them aren't into the "Blog Award" thing.  Of course, if you really want to know what bloggers I think highly of, just check out my reading list on the left side of the screen.  

Part Two will follow shortly.


  1. Congrats on your double-whammy of awards! I'll have to check out your awardees' blogs! :)

  2. I had been trying to find out what "Liebster" even means, before I went forward about it...but I guess you made other choices in the mean time. No worries, and congrats to the award recipients!
    -Laura at TenThingsFarm

    1. OMGosh Laura, did I say I was going to nominate you and then DIDN'T? Not that you're not worth nominating, of course! Now I'm going to go crazy wondering what I did!!!

    2. LOL, please do not go crazy! You left a comment on a post on my blog a couple days ago about it. I didn't (still don't) know what Liebster means, and was doing research and all. Seriously, no worries! Why, I'm hardy hurt by it at all....

      (tee hee)

    3. OK, here's where it...no...*I* get stupid. It was another blogger who contacted me....with the same award! I am so embarrassed! Please forgive me, and I sincerely apologize for any wierdness or brain-wracking this caused you! I saw the award graphic and got my own wires crossed (which happens a lot). I'm so sorry! Proof yet again that it's best to just ignore me...

  3. Carolyn,
    "Holly Crap, Batman!"
    My first award and it's a double award at that!
    Thank you (TWICE!) for the awards and as soon as I figure out how to fill the requirements of acceptance, I will bestow the same to other Bloggers!
    And this is my LUCKY day! Because I also Won the "Seed Give-A way" from Lariene Evernman over at "Common Sence Homesteading!
    So, it has been a WIN, WIN, WIN Day for me!
    I'm a LUCKY BOY!!

    1. Tom, I think you just find five other bloggers to bestow the award upon (and let them know they "won", I haven't gotten around to that part yet).

  4. Sounds like some great blogs to check out!

  5. Wow! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I can't wait to pass those on! :)