Monday, February 20, 2012




Susan over at e-i-e-i-omg! saw my pathetic attempt at sewing up a last-minute, butt-ugly goat coat out of an old blue towel for this guy and took pity on me.  She not only sent me the beautiful wool sweater the kid is wearing in the above pictures, but also another one made from Llama hair (wool? fiber? angora?  What is llama fuzz called anyways?).  

It fits him perfectly, and with some room to spare!  I will no longer worry about the little guy getting cold at night or having to endure being the laughing stock of the barnyard.

I have to admit, after admiring the beautiful fibers of these handmade items, I was more than a little bit jealous that my livestock was going to be wearing a hand-knit sweater made of Llama wool.  I'VE never had a llama sweater!!  I mean, come ON!  What the hell is up with that???

The things we do for our critters.

And the things we do for our blogging buddies. 

Thank you so very, very much Susan!

(Wonder if Susan can knit Cat's Pajamas???)


  1. That is so freakin nice of her!!! And yeah, the blue one you made was pretty pathetic... He is such a stinkin cutie pie! I want a goat now! Thanks a whole heap!

  2. That is wonderful! There are some amazingly wonderful people out there!

  3. What an adorable little lamb - or whatever a baby goat is called. Be sure you post a picture of those cat's pajamas when the arrive. ;-)

  4. They don't make 'em any better than our talented, caring, sharing, loving, giving Susan over at e-i-e-i-omg! I have a feeling if Nettie had popped out quintuplets, Susan would have sat up nights knitting enough sweaters for them all!

    Does baby goat have a name other than Freaking Cute?

  5. That is soooo sweet of her. I've tried to explain to people why I love the people I've met in "blog world". This pretty much said it all.

  6. Oh, pshaw! I am glad it fit - not knowing the difference between lambs and kids (other than one's a goat and one's a sheep). And, Mama Pea, I did actually sit up most of two nights knitting four of them for last spring's lambs. Of course, as soon as they were done, the weather warmed up and they were useless. So, I am glad there are cold little somethings out there that can use them! I am still trying to find the other two... Cat pjs can be negotiated -- does Black Susan prefer the footie pjs or something more Baby Doll?

  7. Tiny, I unceremoniously ripped the butt-ugly-blue-goat-coat off him. Not only because how icky it looked, but it was getting tight already and couldn't get it off him without tearing the seams out.

    Chai Chai, I've met some of the coolest / nicest people on this blog!

    Charade, a goat baby is called a kid. Cat's PJ's would be so neat.....if you could get the cat to keep 'em on!

    Mama Pea, ain't she grand?! And I haven't named him as he's going to be a pet for someone else; I'll let them name him.

    Erin, baby anythings are cute, ain't they?!

    Ruth, I've met sooo many neat / nice / funny / kind people in blog land!

    Susan, you are just too darned modest! Oh, and do you think you can make those PJ's with the flappy butt thing?? LOL!! Can you imagine trying to wrestle a cat into pajamas??!

  8. WHAT A CUTIE PIE! Great sweater too! I love his expression in the 2nd shot- any more sweaters Mom???

  9. If we ever needed any proof of how lovely Susan is, she has done gone and proved it ten-fold!! What a cutie the little goatie boy is in his handknit sweater!
    And poor Nettie, looks like her udder is ready to drag the ground! Yikes!!

  10. So sweet! The little one looks adorable in the sweater. Talk about nice work Susan!!!!

  11. Well how cute!! Love the sweater and am impressed! Our first lambs of the season were born this morning and am smiling at the kid in a sweater lookin so styling, and wondering how my little lambs would look!!

    Have a great day!

    ps I am having a cookbook giveaway so feel free to swing by.

  12. Okay, I want goats now! How cute!