Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A watched goat butt....

...never kids.
I've been in and out of the mucky, muddy, squishy goat area about every stinking hour.  And bringing in all the mud caused by the melting of yesterday's snowfall.  At least the snow is gone.

Still no visible contractions.  No dilation.  No plug, not goo, no nothin'.  Nettie had bedded down in one of the goat huts for a while (and immediately
pee'd in it of course), but I attribute that to the fact that I finally cleaned it out and put fresh hay down in there.  She came right out when I tossed them another fork full of hay:
Are you going to look at my butt AGAIN??
Can't you see I'm trying to eat here?!?!
 The only kind'a sort'a sign of impending labor would be this:

Nettie has been holding her tail much higher than normal.  I would also expect to see her back end hunched over a bit more, but not yet I guess.

I suppose that this "delay" could just be a total error on my record keeping.  And honestly, I suppose I'm glad that she hasn't kidded yet as she still isn't quite as full in the udder as I would like to see.

So the wait continues.  

I swear, I wasn't this anxious when I was pregnant.


  1. From that first picture, I'd say she's got at least twins in there. Thanks for keeping us up-to-date. She's probably waiting until about 1:30 a.m. tomorrow morning to go into labor!

  2. Oh, girl, I know the feeling! My poor Molly goat must have thought I was some kind of perv, the way I was watching her butt! She had the teeniest bit of discharge the day before...then nothing...then delivered all at once! Just wham, bam, boom! Never even bleated for pities sake!
    Hang in there...she will deliver...probably at 2:30 am in a driving rain storm...outside the barn...and of course, she'll need your assistance!

  3. Now you're making ME anxious. I think I'll go boil some water. Hope things happen soon!

  4. Poor Nettie, her butt has been displayed for everyone on the internet to see!! LOL!!
    Keep us posted! :)

  5. A watched butt never.... LOL! I'm sure everything will go well, keep updating us!

  6. She is going to wait until you have to go in and go potty, then she's going to drop that kid as fast as she can. lol I know very little about goats so i can't tell one way or another, but I will use her butt pictures as reference for a long time. Please keep us posted and best of luck with her (your) bundle of joy...or not.

    1. Hang in there, she can't be preggers forever. Like other's have said, it'll be the middle of the night, in the biggest storm ever... Keep us posted.

  7. Well that is ONE way to spend your valentines day ;)

  8. "Does this camera make my butt look big?"

    Last year was the first time anything was born at my place. The sheep gave birth in complete silence....the goats screamed like someone let a bucket of snakes loose in a crowded movie theater. If she is anything like my girls you will know when she starts to deliver.

  9. Mama Pea, Nettie always keeps me guessing. Last year I swore she was so small I swore she only had a single kid, but popped out THREE!

    Lamb, the past five years she's given birth in the late morning or afternoon....hopefully she'll keep up her good record!

    Susan, don't boil any water until tomorrow morning! Don't jinx me during the night!

    Candy, do you think her bum will go viral and I can make like a ton of money on it?!?! Yeah. Me neither :(

    Erin, I can't wait until I can STOP updating!

    Rea, that isn't the "best" pregnant butt picture. I've got pictures from last year's kidding (pretty graphic), I'll try to remember to link to it if I don't get any good shots this time around.

    Jane, Love is in the air! Or is that some other smell?? :)

    Chai Chai, LOL! You know they say the camera adds 10 lbs., right? Nettie is pretty vocal during the later contractions, otherwise she just starts loving on somebody before she gets really serious.

  10. Oh goodness I can't even imagine how excited/stressed you must be. I would have to say that waiting for a goat would be way more stressful than waiting for a baby. ;) I mean, a baby is great and all (been there, done that)...you know...but a kid is a KID (says the girl who wants goats this year!). Well, I guess a baby is a kid too. Technically. Whatever....just tell that Nettie to hurry up!!!

  11. A watched goat butt... now that is funny! I will have to remember that when we are waiting next month.

  12. I binged goat contractions and Nettie's tail end is the second picture on images LOL!!!