Friday, February 17, 2012

Got Milk? Sure do!!

I was so worried about Nettie not producing milk that I put an ad in the freebie paper a few days ago.  If Nettie had more kids than I though she could provide milk for, I was going to give the male(s) away as bottle babies.  I just couldn't justify bottle feeding any kids, especially since any males were going to end up in the freezer and having to buy milk replacer would be cost prohibitive.

I really figured that it would be a problem getting "rid" of a male bottle baby, but I got five calls the first day the ad was online.  I took names down and explained to each of them that it wasn't necessarily a sure thing and that it would depend on how many kids she had and how much milk she had.

This is Nettie's udder about five hours before kidding:

It seems that Nettie is going to have more than enough milk for her kid.  

Since Nettie was so full, I also did something that I should have been doing every year; 
I milked about a quart and a half of colostrum out of her.  At first I felt badly for taking it away from the kid, but he seemed to be getting his fill and her udder still looked full.

It's a good idea to have some extra colostrum in the freezer in the event that a doe doesn't come into milk after a kidding (says I, the one who did NOT have any).  Even if you don't have any fresh milk to give a bottle baby and have to purchase milk replacer, getting real colostrum with all those good antibodies into that kid as soon as possible after birth is the best thing you can do for it.

Of course, in the days leading up to Nettie's kidding, I was wishing that I had saved some last year.  I did end up going to the feed store and buying a $12 bag of powdered colostrum just in case; wonder if I can return it?  But now I'm going to try and remember to freeze some every year.

Since Nettie only had one kid, I had to call back the people who had inquired about the free bottle baby and tell them sorry.  But there was one lady that was still interested in taking the kid after he was weaned -  and actually paying for him!

So although I'm a little disappointed that kid won't be fattened up for a tasty dinner for us (yes, I'm horrible, mentioning eating the cute little bugger, but that's how it usually goes around here with the male kids), but I'm also happy that he will be going to a home where he will be a pet and not a roast (or burger, or rack of oh-so-tasty-ribs).

Oh, and a great big "Thank You" for all of your well wishing and happy thoughts the last few days!  You guys are the greatest!


  1. I'm so glad everything worked out! Can't wait to see him growing :)

  2. I know all the "worrying" leading up to a kidding like this helps you be prepared for whatever may come, but it sure turned out pretty darn good, didn't it? And now you've got some colostrum in the freezer that should eliminate a future stress. We just keep learning (or at least I hope we do!) so we can be more prepared. I'm trying hard to channel my "worrying" into a more positive vein. What do they say . . . "Worrying is imagining something we really don't want to happen." Oh blast, I'm not saying you did too much worrying about this. Not at all. Just trying to work on my own situation out loud here. (Plus I haven't had any caffeine yet so maybe you should scratch all my gobbletigook.)

  3. This is good to see. I have been a bit worried about my girls udders not developing but this has eased my mind a bit. Getting some C into the freezer is an added bonus.

  4. Oh my goodness! That little kid is so darn cute!!! Good job Nettie! And thank gawd she made her milk. And that little sweater isn't that bad... It suits him!

  5. Looks like she definitly has plenty to spare. Too bad you couldn't find an extra to get her to nurse. I am a chronic worrier, so I can totally sympathise with you. Luckily it usually comes down to nothing, which is fine with me.

  6. Milk. Cheese. Soap! Aaahh...I miss it!

  7. Yes I believe she most certainly had extra. Good thinkin to put it in the freezer! Glad it all is working out.

  8. Good idea to put some colostrum by for when/if there is a problem. I will try to do that this year, depending on how many kids Abigail has. Glad Nettie came through and the little guy already has a good home!

  9. Erin, I swear he's grown in just the last day! All that good milk!

    Mama Pea, Worried? Me, worried?? Naw, never had a doubt! (BIG eye roll) :)

    Chai Chai, I don't think we ever stop worrying about them. Well, at least not until the kids are born!

    Tiny Gardener, Yep, all that agonizing, and now all that milk. And you don't have to lie to me about the goat-coat.....we all know it's just butt-ugly! Functional, but still butt-UG-ly! :)

    dr momi, although I'm looking forward to the milk the most (it's been a few weeks since we had fresh milk in the house), I'd also like to make some soap again soon.

    Nancy, good thinking THIS year! Wonder why it took me five years to figure it out? I'm a slow learner :)

    Candy C., yep, finally figured I should do it. Like I said to Nancy.....I'm a sloooooowwww learner!

  10. Carolyn....thanks for stopping by my little blog, yes....farmlife is dirty, but oh what rewards! I popped over here and you are a woman of my own kind! Love seeing your goats and babies.....I just love my goats!

  11. Will you be selling the baby or keeping it? Good tip on the freezing. I had not thought about that.