Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Catching Up, Part Two (Homemade Challenge)

Now that I've got the Blogger Awards thing finished I suppose it's time to get on with the other item I've been putting off.  Although I've purposely put it off (really, honest!) because at one point when it started, there were posts about it everywhere and figured I'd lay low until the initial hub-bub subsided and smoked cleared.

I'm placing the blame on Susan over at
e-i-e-i-omg! and she can then go back and blame someone else.  But it's really not anything bad; on the contrary it's very good!  I believe it was called the Handmade Pay-It-Forward Challenge.  And the rest I just copied right from Susan's blog post on same:

As part of the Handmade Pay It Forward 2012, I hereby pledge to send something hand made (by moi) to the first five people who leave comments.  But wait!  Before you hit that publish button, there's a catch!  YOU first-fiv
e-commenters have to pledge to do the same!  It doesn't matter what you make, how complicated, or simple, it is.  And you have to pledge to send them out by the end of 2012.  So there is no deadline looming over your shoulder breathing guilt fumes down your collar.  You have the whole remaining year.

So, being a glutton for punishment, I commented on Susan's blog and was one of the first five.  So now I have to think of something to make for you, yes YOU first fiv
e commenters on this post.  But once again, I remind you that if you choose to participate, you are pledging to make five handmade gifts for the first five commenters on YOUR blog.  

Sounds like fun, eh?  I though so, and I hope you will too.  

I'd also like to mention that Hoosier Girl at
Blessed Little Homestead Life also took up the challenge and that she's needing five willing participants in order to complete her side of the challenge.  If you missed your chance here to get in on the Handmade Pay It Forward Challenge, go over to her place by clicking HERE and join in over at her blog!

Now if I can just manage to
not wait until December of 2012 to make something homemade and handy-dandy........


  1. Carolyn,
    Thank you for the awards! Once I figure out how to paste it to my Blog, I will and Get it out to the other Lucky Bloggers I think deserve it!
    Question: I posted the "Pay it Forward" Challenge a while ago, and only have 3 who have take it up! You have already met the requirement by posting the Challenge, So do you want to be my #4? Please, Pretty Please! I would really like to make you something (and maybe a gift for Rhiannon too!?) Come on you can do it!

    1. So, does this count as your official entry in MY Handmade Pay-it-Forward????

  2. This is a wonderful idea, but I don't think I will count because I don't have many people come to my blog. Still I'm looking forward to seeing how many people do it. Great thinking here!

  3. Tom, I'll wander over to your place and "maybe" take you up on it.....but then I'll be up to TEN handmade items! I may just need until Dec. 31st to get them all finished :)

    Rea, I don't think it matters if your blog gets much traffic, it's the THOUGHT that you are offering gifts.... besides, I would think that you could offer your gifts to other NON-Bloggers. I think I'm going to have to do the same here; I'm going to send/give some of my gifts to local family and friends, maybe even to strangers (as it seems I've been guilted into taking up another challenge up at Tom's place LOL!). I don't think this Pay-it-Forward should be limited to bloggers!
    So if you want to join, PLEASE DO, and let me know if you still want in on mine, I'd be happy to send you something.....eventually! :)

  4. Carolyn,
    HA, Got CHA! Hook, line and sinker!
    No, You do not have to send me anything! I want you as one of my 5! See?

  5. Ok so I am number 6. What does first runner up need to do? I'm game!

    1. Donna, you are actually NUMBER ONE (hehehehe!) because nobody else actually SAID they wanted to be included (although I'm hoping that Tom & Rea take their places as second and third entrants!)

      Basically you will be getting something handmade from ME. And then you, in turn, promise to make something handmade for five other people, thus passing & paying forward the gifts! Most people have been doing this by doing what we've been doing, posting the challenge on your blog, then getting five other people to take up the challenege, then they do the same (like a blogging chain letter!). But honestly, since I now have TEN things to make (I took up 2 challenges), I'm going to have to spread my gifts other ways than just the blog as this challenge seems to have exhausted a lot of people. I'll probably give my gifts to friends, neighbors or even more fun, just strangers!

      I hope you still want to take part!

  6. Please don't count me as one of your first five (sorry!) 'cause I, too, was one of Susan's first five commenters along with you and I don't think I could handle 10 homemade little gifts to make! I still haven't decided (let alone MADE) what I'm going to do for my five commenters. But I'm eager to do this challenge and think it's gonna be a lot of fun. I do want to get it done asap so it stays a fun thing and I'm not ending up going down to the wire on New Year's Eve of 2012!!

  7. Sure, I'll take part! I'll post on my blog later tonight to get five commenters. I'm very excited and it'll come as no big surprise that all my commenting folks will get homemade soap. THIS is going to be fun!