Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I need a break...

....from goat bums.  And a nap.  Thank gawd I've only got two pregnant does this year.  

Anywho, I haven't talked about my injured rooster in a while and thought I'd give you all an update because I just know you've been all been all nervously wondering if the next rooster post would be a good one or a bad one.   So I'll save you the anxiety and suspense and tell you he's doing ok.  Although he's still really underweight, he's perked up significantly in the last week.  He's been carrying himself a little higher, tail feathers in the air and all again.  Although he still stays away from the younger roosters, I've seen him all the way up by the front porch on occasion, picking through the vehicle-pulverized acorn pieces on the driveway.  I even saw him "run" a little distance when I tossed a half-eaten apple out in the yard.

Still no crowing or hen-wooing though.  I wonder if he had more than just his foot and pride injured.  He's becoming quite the shadow though; following me around hoping for some good scraps or his own little pile of chicken scratch.  Which I usually provide him with; sucker that I am.

BTW, I was just out there at the barn and Nettie was just laying down in the hay.  Took her out so she could relieve herself, the she walked back in the kidding pen on her own.  Probably thinking I would give her another scoop of grain or something.  

Which I did; sucker that I am.


  1. You sure do take good care of your animals! Of all animal injuries/sicknesses on the homestead, seems to me chickens can come back from the brink of death more often than anything else. Maybe they have nine lives like cats?

  2. I'm guessing Nettie at this point is digging the life of leisure! LOL Glad Mr. Rooster is doing okay and I'm sure probably being out of the pecking order, the young healthy ones would be a bit scarey. Best to hang by Mom!

  3. You sucker! They all have you figured out! LOL!!
    Glad the rooster is doing better and hopefully, Nettie is laying down because she is getting ready to kid! (Fingers crossed)

  4. I was up till 3AM watching goat bums. LOL Olivia is discharging, has a full udder, and last night was moaning some. Thought sure she would kid before daylight. This morning she is walking around eating and acting like she isn't even pregnant. This is her first one. Don't have anymore due until end of March so hopefully butt watching will not last too many more nights so I can rest.

  5. Are you an all-day sucker or a Tootsie Pop? I'm guessing a combination...I am glad that your rooster is feeling better. Go, Nettie! Go!

  6. Glad the rooster is better. I hate waiting for heifers to calve too. Once that is over, I am relieved. I hope Nettie does her thing quickly and easily.

  7. Chickens like apples? I didn't know that, I'm going to give it a try right now!

  8. Glad to know I'm not the only sucker!

  9. That is good rooster news.

    Kidding is a pins and needles time, isn't it? Of course, I don't know yet if I'm on either. :)

  10. Oh happy happy rooster news! And I think its just fine that you're a sucker. That po' pregnant gal needs to be around a sucker right now.... :)

  11. Have you gotten any sleep the past couple of days? I think you need your own bed of straw with a Snuggie for your watch over the animals

  12. Mama Pea, after tonight, I think one of the chickens lost ALL 9 lives (tell ya later on)

    MTWaggin, yep, Mom's "where it's at!" :)

    Candy, yep, I'm a sucker. An no, no kidding as of 4am Thursday.

    Peggy, ah, the life of goat-keepers....always watching backsides! Good luck with yours! Kids that is, not your backside :)

    Susan, I'd have to say Tootsie Pop. 'Cause I like them :)

    gld, I've only got two goats to worry about delivering, I can't imagine how you feel with a whole HERD of COWS!

    Chai Chai, I don't think there is ANYthing my chickens won't eat. Which kind'a scares me if I ever end up falling down and passing out!

    hoosier, not suckers, just concerned farm folk!

    Leigh, pins & needles would be nicer than this lack of sleep!

    MamaTea, Nettie is definitely milking it! Yes, pun intended :)

    Erin, sleep? what sleep?