Sunday, March 23, 2014

Just one more

...before I sign off goats for the week.

This, my dear friends, is why I absolutely hate Pickles.  Not because she's a needy little bottle baby brat, not because she doesn't allow her kids to nurse adequately, but because of THIS:

Speak up, Pickles

This was taken just today (I finally figured out how to use the video on my camera).  Nobody was being beaten or teased or picked on.  I do not keep them tied up all day, they are still clipped to the fence because they just got finished eating supper.

Pickles does this.  All.  Stinking.  Day.

Every.  Stinking.  Day.

PS - I tried uploading it to blogger but it kept coming up as an error message, so this is a link to the FB page.  If anyone knows how to help me upload it here, I wouldn't mind some help!


  1. I don't use FB so I could not view the video, but yesterday, one goat here really was pushing her stay. She is the stall jumper. We were in the garage trying to load the truck with recycling, and son was in the barn cleaning the chicken coop. She got out and wandered to the garage, getting into the garage and got into trouble. Ugh. She is one pain in the rump.

  2. Since Chickie has moved in with his fellow wethers at my friend, AnnMarie's place, things here have been MUCH better. He was an utter stinker - never met a gate he couldn't open, a fence he couldn't batter to death, mischief he couldn't get into. Even Sage has quieted down. Slightly. I couldn't find the link either, but I think I'd have to have a cup of coffee or five before I could listen to Pickles.

  3. Pickles is annoying, lol!!! My girl used to be that annoying it was all day long yelling until I moved Bub to the bachelor pad. Maybe she doesn't like someone in the herd? Isn't she the one that gets stuck under the barn in the Summer too? You would miss her if she was gone :)
    Rhiannon is adorable with the babies :)