Monday, July 14, 2014

Getting Big

No, not my arse (total lie), but the baby Phoebes.  There are still four of them in the nest and it looks like they're about to pop out of there any minute.  They seem pretty miserable.  But I suppose anyone would be smooshed together with three other bodies in 90+ degree heat with 114% humidity:

We've had deer come browse on the new grass in the soon-to-be-fenced-in pasture area.  There are two bucks:

And two does, each with a doeling of their own:

As long as they don't start munching on my squash garden and young apple trees all will be well.  Although I suppose it won't be too bad as it will make them fatter for Fall........


  1. I've never heard of squash-fed venison. Bet it's good... :)

  2. The nest does look a bit crowded. Maybe time for a flight and stretch their wings?