Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Time to buy snowshoes?

We’re definitely getting our share of snow this Winter.  I think that this is the third significant snowfall this year.  Our area just missed an ice storm and 5 – 6” of snow from that system finally melted on Monday; leaving the goat pen a squishy, poopy mess. 
It started snowing this morning just before 6 and it hasn’t stopped since.  I got the morning barn chores done by 7:30 and there was already over an inch on the ground.  So of course I had to sweep a path from the chicken door to the water bucket and their feeders.  And sweep off the goat porch to the barn.  And when I had finished giving everyone their grain, hay, warm water and pats on the head, I had to sweep the area clean again.
The weather guys are guessing anywhere from 5 – 12” and tomorrow is only supposed to be in the lower 20’s with an overnight of 0.  Good news is that the weather warms up on Friday & by Sunday it’s going to be almost 60!  Bad news is that the additional moisture will turn the goat pen into a really, really squishy, poopy mess.  I almost lost my boot in there during evening barn chores yesterday.  I can’t imagine what it’s going to be like after this round of snow melts.
Moonshine didn’t go 5’ before high-tailing it back to the comfort of the woodstove. 

Not that I blame her.
Evil kitty poked her head out the door when I opened it to get wood for the stove and decided it was nicer inside.  Susan hasn’t even bothered moving from her window perch; she’s been watching a wren flitting to & from the wood pile all morning.  If it weren’t for the livestock, I’d be inside by the stove all day too.
Guess I should make the most of it and start a soup on the woodstove.  Split pea or vegetable barley?  Hmmmm.


  1. I feel for you. Here, we got 2 inches. No offense, but I'm glad we dodged another bullet.

  2. I know I shouldn't be complaining about it....but what would I blog about then? :)
    I hear they are getting nailed in NW AR today. I'll take the snow over another ice storm any day.

  3. After moving from northern Illinois I have never missed the snow and sometimes the bitter cold Ahhh, Florida it does have its perks!

  4. We just got another two inches, but poor Arkansas!

    What brand is your wood stove? I would love to have one where we could see the fire burning. Is it a Vermont Casting? I have looked at them but they are so expensive that I didn't follow through.

    The soup sounds good. I will be making chili today.

    We are at -5° right now.

  5. Evil Kitty! I thought I had the only Evil Kitty. (grin) I have a pup who lays just like Moonshine. Invitation for a belly scratch!

  6. Yukon, Florida sounds PERFECT right about now!

    gld, our stove is a Hearthstone Shelburne. I think they were over $2K new, but we got ours from a friend who was no longer using theirs for $850 including the stove pipe & tools - quite the steal! It's upstairs & heats the living room, kitchen & dining room. The bedroom doesn't get very warm (could use a small fan to blow the heat through the small hall & door) and the master bathroom is cold as ice.

    If we were to come across another good deal, we'd get a slightly larger one & put this one downstairs. Keep checking the calssifieds & Craigslist, they occasionally pop up for sale.

    tami, Evil Kitty is the little instigator around here. Picks on everyone, love her to death though.